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The Urge To Sleep

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I sometimes feel tired at school especialy when I get a migraine (I think thats how its spelled)

I have fallen asllep in class twice. once in year seven and last wednesday when I had a migraine. (well I think I fell asleep) I dont remember anything of wednesday between goign to sleep the previous night to waking up at 4:45pm. apperantyly I went to school and stuff and coame home half way through when I fell asleep and couldnt remember my name.

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I wish I could sleep in at least one of my classes, but I cant. When it comes to something like doing things on my own time that I actually enjoy no, sleep has nothing on me… I could be up for 2 days straight!! (An example would be working on computers, usually I will stay up as long as needed to get the job done.) Heh


-The Prophet

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