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What is your favorite standing position?


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Only till we're able to create better quality topics Sammy. :P

Well, unlike the rest of you lot, I like throwing a pen in the air and catch it when in a standing position. :P

What a coincidence! I do that too! It really annoys people for some reason...

If I'm thinking about a problem (except on a test) or something, I will be always walking around a table and throwing a pen in the air.

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3.2 Spamming

Unless a thread or forum is designated as an area ok for spamming, you may not spam. Spam includes, but is not limited to, the following:

    * Soliciting traffic from Wildfire Games (!)

    * Advertising your company/organization in non-advertisement forums

    * Excessive off-topic threads

    * Posting nonsensical messages

    * "Flooding" the forum with similar meaning messages

    * Post-Count farming

    * Inciting a forum war or riot

    * Outwar-style links

    * Messages without content

    * Fraudulent activity (Pyramid schemes, chain letters, etc.)

    * Cross-posting the same thread among the Community Forums


3.15 Smilies

In the following you will a few rules regarding the usage of smilies. Please stick to them as otherwise life will be a lot harder for those with slow connections.

    * Please use smilies when you put a strong opinion forward to weaken it, so that people feel more encouraged to reply to it

    * Use only one smilie to explain an emotion; using many similar smilies next to each other is forbidden

    * The number of smilies should be proportional to your post's length

    * Don't make an emoticon-only reply unless the topic starter wants you to do so

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