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Ratings Disputes and Offence Reporting


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Hello @user1.

Twice (2) in a row, user mbr1305 had "connection problems" right at the end of a rated game while I was winning.

My username in the lobby is e.v

For some reason, the size of the second command.txt file exceeds the upload limit, as it weighs 1.5MB.

I have thus uploaded it to a git repo. Here is the direct link to the file: https://git.sr.ht/~e-v/0ad-command-txt/blob/master/commands.txt

Thanks a lot for your time.




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Upload replay
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Me with my score 1200 I played 1v1 with a person having a score almost 1500. I won, played a long game, defeated all units. He wasn't willing to resign and then he left just a minute before killing the last unit. Replay attached. So sorry to see such a behavior in the game :-( My nick: petiprg (1212), My opponent: auxilentmoon (1494). Thank you very much for your time!

commands.txt metadata.json

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less emotions :-)
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