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Favourite eating position?

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*Digs through HG's defination of spam*

Excessive off-topic threads

Posting nonsensical messages

"Flooding" the forum with similar meaning messages

Post-Count farming

Inciting a forum war or riot

Outwar-style links

Blatant advertising

Messages without content

Fraudulent activity (Pyramid schemes, chain letters, etc.)

I really just can't see how this topic can be considered spam on HG. I just see it as some sort of attempt to get a conversation going. And just why is this topic ridiculous, Sam? :saruman:

Anyways, except when eating lunch at school I always sit down. When at school I usually stand up, as the place I go to along with my other comrades don't have any other tables nearby.

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@Sam: To me, this is really no different that all the threads made in the past by Tim about such small things as "What you do when encountering the homeless" and "Whom you hug", it just may not be as well.... "insightful" (no offence). Thus I really see no point in dragging such arguments out.

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