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Salutations! Rider has arrived at the forum

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Hey ladies, what up :S

I'm RiderOfEternity, call me Rider for short (or Seb, short for my real name).

This is my first post outside of the main website and gallery (dnas will be proud :S).

I've just sent my application to Wijimaker so I've decided to introduce myself incase I do actually get in (and if I do I will totally pee myself.......).

I've been following the progress of 0AD for months now and man was I excited when I saw that '5 Months later' screenshot.

Wijit nice work on the new site, I absolutely love it, it's so original and refreshing!

Also for anyone who's interested, I have my own domain which I use to host websites like dnas'. Check it out if you like: http://outer-heaven.net/.

Well, not sure what else to say.. It's awkward enough as it is (having already spent an hour a half writing my app).

Later :P

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applied as a texture artist but got turned down because there weren't any position availabl

Thats cause me and Dnas just took them. But I wouldntr mind if we had one more texture artist. but its not my desicion.

Good to see you over here Rider. Im sure you''ll love this community. if you ever need any help whatsover with anything to do with computers. Post in the computer forum. Its amazing the stuff people know here. And most memebers seem to use firefox and love it and convert everyone they meet into firefox fans. (I even love it now, and I was a big IE fan before).

Enjoy your time here man


@ all those people calling him a girl. Unless its some joke I dont get Rider is a guy.

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