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Hello, here is my probelm: I created some units, then i wanted to delete them. Because at this step I didnt know how to delete it, i just moved it in the black outside of the map (thinking it would make it disappear, what a mistake). When i launched a game with my map i realized that my civil-center was being attacked, then i realized it was coming from the black outmap. I find no way to delete it from the editor, because they are no longer visible, and i have no way to select all units of the map, or either to list it or whatever, i don't know how to do to delete it. I tried to put some other units (hero) associated to the player located near thoses units to maybe be able to kill thoses invisible units but still it doesnt work, and more now i have the icon of 6 champions (even if i just put 2...) but when i click on them it shows me a empty location on the map, totally wtf. So please if somebody know how to remove the units i placed in the out map i would be really grateful. I spent some time on my map and i don't want to delete it.
Thank you very much

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First you have to click on the "Move/Rotate Object" Button in the top-toolbar, then, for actors, you have do select them with the "Alt-Key" and mouse, then you can delete them with the "Delete-Key"...

You can select actors with "Alt" and Click" or "Alt" and Doubleclick to select all of the same actors or "Alt" and draw a box with the mouse around all actors you want to select.

Maybe this helps ...

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