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===[TASK]=== Female Body Mesh fixes, improvements, new model(s)


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  • The female body meshes aren't well-modeled for armor textures.
    • There is also no f_armor_dress variant.
  • The UV mapping causes horrible texture stretching.
  • The UV mapping cuts off shoulder textures.
  • The UV mapping for "dress" variations doesn't properly mirror the skirt texture, which causes a misalignment in the texture.


Current UV mapping:



Suggested improvements:

  • Add more "armor" variants, specifically f_armor_dress, mainly for Boudicca, f_armor_naked, possibly for Tomyris, both also usable in mods.
  • Adjust the UV mapping to relieve some of the texture stretching.
  • Adjust the UV mapping to fix shoulder mapping. This makes it more like the male meshes, the way their shoulders are mapped.
  • Adjust the UV mapping of "dress" variants to properly align and map the skirt section of the mesh. 


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