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learning curve to learn 0AD


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i think learning curve is not very high.

one reason i think i that many civ's has completly new names.

for example to build Cavalry:

- Blemmya Camp -> right click and read: trains Blemmya Desert Raiders (google translator help me not much was Raiders is)

- Stable ->right click and read: trains Cavalry (more to understand for me now. Kusihtes i play not so often).

and then probaly all trooups are different. so camels not like cav and much more -> more interesting maybe and more difficult to understand -> low learning curve

=>mybe if someday someone bouild a easy translator mod. for translating text most as possible to understand for beginners

=> id dont know how to do. maybe its easy i will think about doing this


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@seeh Just to make sure: You are aware that there are a lot of translations available? German, for example. (Weren't you German (speaking) too?)

What helped me a lot to get what's what was the structure tree. You can see the buildings and the units and by clicking on them you get more information. I don't know the best translation for 'Raiders', but I do know that I don't want them and therefor never build a Blemmye Camp... ;)

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58 minutes ago, Gurken Khan said:

You are aware that there are a lot of translations available?

yes i know. thats very good work.

and i not good i nenglish so its my risk.

but anyway i like for exampe the idear to hava a simplfy mod.


- Cav. Camal Blemmya Camp

- Cav. Horse Stable



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