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Non-Visible Arms For Citizen-Soldiers


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When I send Citizen-Soldiers to work before I send them out to battle, It is annoying to see their weapons visible when not in combat. What I was thinking was a button on the game screen that you click when selecting a unit that makes their weapons not visible. When this button is clicked, the Citizen-Soldier will up their production, and use daggers dealing the same amount of damage as women. When you want to send them to the battlefield, you just click it again, and in theory, they will make an animation to show them unsheathing or picking up a weapon. Just suggestions. Maybe the Spearman could store it in a building and grab it there (which is historically accurate), or place it in a box of weapons you can build for cheap, and place them across your City. But I was thinking, just for the convenience of the developers, that when you click the button, it just disappears and reappears when you click it again. Any ideas?

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