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Yeah, I've read a book with a solution to the rubik's cube. (Using AHA' moves.)

It had some other cool stuff too. There was one interesting problem. I don't remember it exactly, but it was something like

"If A confirms that B denies that C confirms that D is lying and each lies one in four times, what is the probability that B is lying?"

Or something.

(The solution was to list all possibilities and count them.)

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The solutions are something like:

If something like this is there, do the following.

If something else, do this


It's actually not as long as you'd expect.They work on AHA' moves meaning, first a sequence of moves A to get the tiles in a specific position. Then a sequence of moves H to switch two squares or whatever, then A' meaning the reverse of A, to undo the changes you did you get your cube into a workable position.

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