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What Do You Think Is The Best Unit Ingame? (Or Units)


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On 30/10/2021 at 7:30 PM, BreakfastBurrito_007 said:

I think since it has better armor and better attack it is quite op. It has substantially more armor than any other cavalry unit. Only the seleucid +2 armor (hero) boosted champion cavalry can equal them, and that is without a roman cav hero. I think it would be best to reduce champion swordcav armor to below that of champion spearcavalry, and leave their attack damage the way it is in a25

I am not sure about this one yet, right now I am more in support of reducing pierce armor and/or travel speed by a level to make them more vulnerable. I think a better way to reduce damage would be eliminating fire damage to units.

It is true, players with pikemen do not always win, but they do have a huge advantage over those with spears. Most frustrating is that 10-15 pikemen can make 50+  ranged units invulnerable for as long as there are pikes. 

I had some success recently where I sent spear and javelin cavalry around right into all the ranged units.   I'm going to try that more.  What if the problem is that our army composition is just too nub? 

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23 hours ago, real_tabasco_sauce said:

Best: Pikers

Worst: archies

I ran some test and if you have 20 archies and 10 pikers, you will be evenly matched against 20 pikers and 10 archies. If both players would micro, then the player with 20 archies would get the advantage. Seems like these units have identical strength ;)


Pikers are not strong, the ranged units behind them are strong (unless they are infantry archers).

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@Philip the Swaggerless I actually watched the game where you countered mass (40+) iber fire cav with your own CS Persian cavlalry. I am very impressed you managed this, and I have not seen someone else do it before or since. I think a key factor is that your enemy ignored warnings (previous engagements) to make more spearcav in his cavalry composition and eventually you trapped him and he lost all the champs. It is my observation that Iber is the "easiest" cavalry civilization because of a fast boom, -15% unit cost hero, and powerful and survivable champions. However, there are other civilizations like Persians and Gauls that have better heroes to accompany their cavalry (Kurush and Vercingetorix), so iber cav will be very dominant unless another player is able to make their own well-upgraded CS cavalry with maybe a few champions.

Also, Persians have hyrcanian cavalry which could be able to raid iber farmers which are usually protected by wall. (hyrcanian cav can be doing 3+ crush per 1 second to buildings) so they can bust the wall pretty easily and idle the farmers, which can help stop firecav spam.

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8 minutes ago, Philip the Swaggerless said:



Yes the iber boom and champ spam is formidable. 

In my post I was actually talking about using cav to attack ranged infantry units that are behind pikes.  I like that with the way the blacksmith is now its not too expensive to incorporate cavalry into your army. 



Ah that does make sense, however, it is sometimes possible for an enemy to change formations and swivel the pikes to the best spot. If they are surrounded, the best one would be box because it puts the pikes all along the outside perimeter of the box.

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On 29/10/2021 at 2:00 PM, Freagarach said:

The P-51 Mustang.

Oh yes I used them once. I was playing as the Ptolemies when I read in the forums you just type, "how do you turn this on?" in chat. But I don't use them often because they have no proper direction or aim at all. But if you do manage to get one bullet in the game into a unit, say a Hero, then that would be considered using the WW2 Fighter to the best of its abilities.

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