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Ratings Disputes and Offence Reporting (2021)


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If you have to make a report, use the following thread:

Progress Report:




Post Date Poster Name Report URL Replay URL Lobby Name, Reporting Player Lobby Name, Offending Player Status
2021-01-05 Thorpio link link thorpio rividelivers Verified 10/22/2021Screenshot_2021-10-22_19-38-45.jpg
2021-01-11 gator303 link link daniel_kinq raffut1969 Verified 10/22/2021Screenshot_2021-10-22_19-41-42.jpg
2021-01-11 Player of 0AD link link weirdjokes tato98c Verified 10/22/2021Screenshot_2021-10-22_19-44-34.jpg
2021-01-12 gator303 link link daniel_kinq marcaurel Verified 10/22/2021Screenshot_2021-10-22_19-58-42.jpg
2021-01-14 Bossatchal link link feilongbay mbr1305 Verified 10/22/2021Screenshot_2021-10-22_20-00-15.jpg
2021-01-14 AALPHA link link aalpha themagiczalo Verified 10/22/2021Screenshot_2021-10-22_20-03-43.jpg
2021-01-14 Wendy22 link link wendy doctororgans Verified 10/22/2021Screenshot_2021-10-22_19-54-34.jpg
2021-01-17 draane link link draane mbr1305 Verified 10/22/2021Screenshot_2021-10-22_20-33-11.jpg
2021-01-23 SuperSpartacus link link superspartacus mbr1305 Verified 10/22/2021Screenshot_2021-10-22_20-42-26.jpg
2021-01-28 1General link link 1general jameson666 Verified 10/22/2021Screenshot_2021-10-22_20-38-42.jpg
2021-01-31 stormwalk link link stormwalk raffut1969 Verified 10/23/2021Screenshot_2021-10-23_16-16-24.jpg
2021-02-01 quierohasercaca link link quierohasercaca titiboi92 Invalid
2021-02-01 quierohasercaca link link quierohasercaca mbr1305 Verified 10/23/2021Screenshot_2021-10-23_16-20-17.jpg
2021-02-06 draane link link draane chesterxxx Verified 10/23/2021Screenshot_2021-10-23_16-21-36.jpg
2021-02-08 facts link link facts miviher Verified 10/23/2021Screenshot_2021-10-23_16-22-20.jpg
2021-02-09 1General link link 1general hung Verified 10/23/2021Screenshot_2021-10-23_16-23-07.jpg
2021-02-19 Tristao link link basiliskos hallmayer Verified 10/23/2021Screenshot_2021-10-23_16-23-46.jpg
2021-02-20 P_J link link p_j daltanius Verified 10/23/2021Screenshot_2021-10-23_16-24-44.jpg
2021-02-24 gator303 link link daniel_king raffut1969 Verified 10/24/2021Screenshot_2021-10-24_13-45-46.jpg
2021-03-02 seeh link link seeh princeofrusset Inconclusive
2021-03-02 seeh link link seeh hunterkilla818 Invalid
2021-03-05 PrincipalityOfZeon link link shade11 melusines Verified 10/24/2021Screenshot_2021-10-24_19-02-42.jpg
2021-03-12 JoelTav link link joeltav hunterkilla818 Verified 10/24/2021Screenshot_2021-10-24_19-52-06.jpg
2021-03-12 JoelTav link link joeltav hdonancio Verified 10/24/2021Screenshot_2021-10-24_19-52-39.jpg
2021-03-12 Fernklang link link fernklang kkshi Verified 10/24/2021Screenshot_2021-10-24_19-53-08.jpg
2021-03-13 gator303 link link daniel_king neb Verified 10/24/2021Screenshot_2021-10-24_19-53-55.jpg
2021-03-15 JoelTav link link joeltav jacksparrow Verified 10/28/2021Screenshot_2021-10-28_12-00-28.jpg
2021-03-15 stormwalk link link stormwalk raffut1969 Verified 10/28/2021Screenshot_2021-10-28_12-06-13.jpg
2021-03-17 gator303 link link daniel_king jmnzhl Verified 10/28/2021Screenshot_2021-10-28_12-07-18.jpg
2021-03-27 JoelTav link link joeltav swapnil Verified 10/28/2021Screenshot_2021-10-28_12-08-11.jpg
2021-04-02 Player of 0AD link link weirdjokes letswaveabook Verified 10/28/2021Screenshot_2021-10-28_12-09-05.jpg
2021-04-11 devilhook link link devilhook ninjanad Verified 10/28/2021Screenshot_2021-10-28_12-11-09.jpg
2021-04-11 devilhook link link devilhook lordeder Verified 10/28/2021Screenshot_2021-10-28_12-12-54.jpg
2021-04-11 devilhook link link devilhook dreamliner Verified 10/28/2021Screenshot_2021-10-28_12-13-47.jpg
2021-04-15 chocapoca link link chocapoca caiomariolobi Verified 10/28/2021Screenshot_2021-10-28_12-23-51.jpg
2021-04-17 luxlethor link link     Invalid
2021-04-17 luxlethor link link luxlethor bus Verified 10/28/2021Screenshot_2021-10-28_12-25-14.jpg
2021-04-18 devilhook link link     Not rated
2021-04-18 devilhook link link     Not rated
2021-04-19 Tomba link link tomba caiomariolobi Verified 10/28/2021Screenshot_2021-10-28_12-30-27.jpg
2021-04-24 devilhook link link devilhook thedwarf Verified 10/28/2021Screenshot_2021-10-28_12-31-14.jpg
2021-04-24 devilhook link link     Invalid
2021-04-24 devilhook link link devilhook fortun Verified 10/28/2021Screenshot_2021-10-28_12-31-40.jpg
2021-05-06 carthage link link     Not rated
2021-05-06 carthage link link carthage zekooo Verified 10/28/2021Screenshot_2021-10-28_12-49-38.jpg
2021-05-10 Elinvention link link supertux95 raffut1969 Verified 10/28/2021Screenshot_2021-10-28_12-51-25.jpg
2021-05-11 0xD3C0.de link link 0xd3c0.de 1979ad Verified 10/28/2021Screenshot_2021-10-28_12-53-03.jpg
2021-05-16 nNeon20 link link nneon20 scatespider Verified 10/28/2021Screenshot_2021-10-28_13-13-39.jpg
2021-05-20 0xD3C0.de link link 0xd3c0.de tuviejaconquistadora Verified 10/28/2021Screenshot_2021-10-28_13-31-21.jpg
2021-05-20 0xD3C0.de link link 0xd3c0.de tuviejaconquistadora Verified 10/28/2021Screenshot_2021-10-28_13-31-58.jpg
2021-06-05 Publio2020 link link publio fortun Verified 10/28/2021Screenshot_2021-10-28_13-33-01.jpg
2021-06-06 Bellaz89 link link bellanzio troll Verified 10/28/2021Screenshot_2021-10-28_13-33-52.jpg
2021-06-08 Player of 0AD link link weirdjokes deivik Verified 10/28/2021Screenshot_2021-10-28_13-36-08.jpg
2021-06-10 Ullsg link link ullsg indo1234 Verified 10/28/2021Screenshot_2021-10-28_13-37-01.jpg
2021-06-11 alre link link alre lubacca98 Verified 10/28/2021Screenshot_2021-10-28_13-37-32.jpg
2021-06-15 gandalf_deluxe link link gandolf_deluxe manonthemoon Verified 10/28/2021Screenshot_2021-10-28_13-38-07.jpg
2021-06-22 Ullsg link link ullsg hura Verified 10/29/2021Screenshot_2021-10-29_10-49-17.jpg
2021-06-23 Ullsg link link ullsg hans02 Verified 10/29/2021Screenshot_2021-10-29_10-51-54.jpg
2021-06-27 gandalf_deluxe link link gandolf_deluxe dreamliner Verified 10/29/2021Screenshot_2021-10-29_10-54-29.jpg
2021-06-30 Tanay Rajpurohit link link     Not rated
2021-07-06 eTrey link link etrey viabadie Verified 10/29/2021Screenshot_2021-10-29_10-55-37.jpg
2021-07-07 sabatarioos link link sabatarios titosybelos Verified 10/29/2021Screenshot_2021-10-29_10-56-26.jpg
2021-07-18 Kingfuzz link link kingfuzz baby-cheeses Verified 10/29/2021Screenshot_2021-10-29_10-57-39.jpg
2021-07-19 carthage link link carthage nuns Verified 10/29/2021Screenshot_2021-10-29_10-58-06.jpg
2021-07-22 Kingfuzz link link kingfuzz major09 Verified 10/29/2021Screenshot_2021-10-29_10-58-34.jpg
2021-07-27 Kingfuzz link link kingfuzz emapis Verified 10/29/2021Screenshot_2021-10-29_10-59-02.jpg
2021-07-27 mblazev link link mblazev auxilentmoon Verified 10/29/2021Screenshot_2021-10-29_12-08-42.jpg
2021-07-31 gandalf_deluxe link link     Not rated
2021-08-07 Player of 0AD link link weirdjokes kurdistan Verified 10/29/2021Screenshot_2021-10-29_12-11-03.jpg
2021-08-10 MR.MICHAEL link link mr.michael auxilentmoon Verified 10/29/2021Screenshot_2021-10-29_12-11-59.jpg
2021-08-10 SwordOfSwords link link wxoop kvgyzqk Verified 10/29/2021Screenshot_2021-10-29_12-13-03.jpg
2021-08-15 SwordOfSwords link link wxoop benvryl Verified 10/29/2021Screenshot_2021-10-29_12-21-50.jpg
2021-08-16 Player of 0AD link link weirdjokes lubacca98 Verified 10/29/2021Screenshot_2021-10-29_12-22-41.jpg
2021-08-17 SwordOfSwords link link sswordlurkk captain_rsad Verified 10/29/2021Screenshot_2021-10-29_12-25-33.jpg
2021-08-25 0xD3C0.de link link     Not rated
2021-08-29 sabatarioos link link sabatarios athila37 Verified 10/29/2021Screenshot_2021-10-29_12-42-29.jpg
2021-09-11 gandalf_deluxe link link gandolf_deluxe aditya9812 Invalid
2021-09-11 yano link link arewe123 rev09 Verified 10/29/2021Screenshot_2021-10-29_12-47-48.jpg
2021-09-14 Jofursloft link link jofursloft msg Verified 10/29/2021Screenshot_2021-10-29_12-54-04.jpg
2021-09-22 gandalf_deluxe link link gandolf_deluxe nobueno Verified 10/29/2021Screenshot_2021-10-29_12-54-48.jpg
2021-09-26 gandalf_deluxe link link gandolf_deluxe villano33 Verified 10/29/2021Screenshot_2021-10-29_12-55-26.jpg
2021-09-28 Mastoras link link mastoras hungryhippo81 Verified 10/29/2021Screenshot_2021-10-29_12-56-44.jpg
2021-09-28 Mastoras link link mastoras thevlasic Verified 10/29/2021Screenshot_2021-10-29_12-57-22.jpg
2021-09-28 Mastoras link link mastoras malekaren Verified 10/29/2021Screenshot_2021-10-29_12-58-28.jpg
2021-09-28 Mastoras link link mastoras pedrog Verified 10/29/2021Screenshot_2021-10-29_13-03-00.jpg
2021-10-08 sabatarioos link link sabatarios rob_one Verified 10/29/2021Screenshot_2021-10-29_14-06-36.jpg
2021-10-12 quierohasercaca link link quierohacercaca2 nothing22595 Verified 10/29/2021Screenshot_2021-10-29_14-07-52.jpg
2021-10-14 nothing22595 link link nothing22595 .jairo Verified 10/29/2021Screenshot_2021-10-29_14-08-26.jpg
2021-10-16 DerekO link link dereko thomas13012m Verified 10/29/2021Screenshot_2021-10-29_14-09-14.jpg
2021-10-19 DerekO link link dereko fastos Verified 10/29/2021Screenshot_2021-10-29_14-09-48.jpg
2021-10-21 Beaugoux link link beaugoux jmac Inconclusive
2021-10-23 Beaugoux link link beaugoux dcm Verified 10/29/2021Screenshot_2021-10-29_14-13-16.jpg
2021-10-24 Beaugoux link link beaugoux marishkakul Verified 10/29/2021Screenshot_2021-10-29_14-11-55.jpg
2021-10-26 DerekO link link dereko mastoras  
2021-10-26 Mastoras link link mastoras dereko Verified 11/08/2021Screenshot_2021-11-08_13-50-13.jpg
2021-10-26 jonnyk21 link link jonnyk21 yari444 Verified 11/08/2021Screenshot_2021-11-08_14-13-48.jpg
2021-10-26 DerekO link link dereko ijavaddev Verified 11/08/2021Screenshot_2021-11-08_14-13-17.jpg
2021-10-26 Koceyla link link dihiya alvaradojr Verified 11/08/2021Screenshot_2021-11-08_14-13-48.jpg
2021-10-27 UltraMan link link ultraman dereko Verified 11/08/2021Screenshot_2021-11-08_14-15-29.jpg
2021-10-27 UltraMan link link ultraman dihiya Verified 11/08/2021Screenshot_2021-11-08_14-15-56.jpg
2021-10-28 Obaky link link     Not rated
2021-10-28 Beaugoux link link beaugoux karin_ashx Verified 11/08/2021Screenshot_2021-11-08_14-16-52.jpg
2021-10-28 clavz link link clavz   Verified 11/08/2021Screenshot_2021-11-08_14-40-35.jpg
2021-10-29 UltraMan link link ultraman tanmo Verified 11/08/2021Screenshot_2021-11-08_14-41-39.jpg
2021-10-30 Obaky link link obaky emapis Verified 11/13/2021Screenshot_2021-11-13_15-35-08.jpg
2021-10-30 nothing22595 link link nothing22595 vodca Verified 11/13/2021Screenshot_2021-11-13_15-37-02.jpg
2021-10-30 nothing22595 link link mike0697 nothing22595 Verified 11/13/2021Screenshot_2021-11-13_15-38-43.jpg
2021-10-30 nothing22595 link link nothing22595 shalom7 Verified 11/13/2021Screenshot_2021-11-13_15-40-04.jpg
2021-10-30 nothing22595 link link nothing22595 empirono Verified 11/13/2021Screenshot_2021-11-13_15-42-20.jpg
2021-10-30 nothing22595 link link nothing22595   Duplicate
2021-10-30 nothing22595 link link marcelusmaximus nothing22595 Verified 11/13/2021Screenshot_2021-11-13_15-43-17.jpg
2021-10-30 nothing22595 link link eternal_blizzard nothing22595 Verified 11/13/2021Screenshot_2021-11-13_15-44-41.jpg
2021-10-30 nothing22595 link link     Not rated
2021-10-30 nothing22595 link link nothing22595 megalodon Verified 11/13/2021Screenshot_2021-11-13_15-46-05.jpg
2021-10-30 nothing22595 link link megalodon nothing22595 Verified 11/13/2021Screenshot_2021-11-13_16-57-15.jpg
2021-10-30 nothing22595 link link     Not rated
2021-10-30 Publio2020 link link publio punfu Verified 11/13/2021Screenshot_2021-11-13_16-58-19.jpg
2021-10-31 clavz link link clavz basiliskos Verified 11/13/2021Screenshot_2021-11-13_16-59-14.jpg
2021-11-01 nothing22595 link link nothing22595 basiliskos Verified 11/13/2021Screenshot_2021-11-13_16-59-51.jpg
2021-11-03 nothing22595 link link nothing22595 dajo Invalid
2021-11-03 clavz link link     Not rated
2021-11-04 thephilosopher link link thephilosopher thomas13012m Verified 11/13/2021Screenshot_2021-11-13_17-01-47.jpg
2021-11-04 KatGor link link katgor fastos Verified 11/13/2021Screenshot_2021-11-13_17-02-33.jpg
2021-11-04 draane link link draane sebastian_2402 Verified 11/13/2021Screenshot_2021-11-13_17-03-02.jpg
2021-11-06 Al-Tocade link link al-tocade thomas13012m Verified 11/14/2021Screenshot_2021-11-14_11-56-24.jpg
2021-11-06 Al-Tocade link link al-tocade zoldick Verified 11/14/2021Screenshot_2021-11-14_12-36-55.jpg
2021-11-06 Beaugoux link link beaugoux ket.g Verified 11/14/2021Screenshot_2021-11-14_12-38-41.jpg
2021-11-06 Beaugoux link link beaugoux ilias27 Verified 11/14/2021Screenshot_2021-11-14_12-39-31.jpg
2021-11-08 Beaugoux link link     Not rated
2021-11-11 Beaugoux link link beaugoux pr0siak Verified 11/14/2021Screenshot_2021-11-14_12-40-06.jpg
2021-11-13 Micfild link link micfild7 fubar Verified 11/14/2021Screenshot_2021-11-14_12-40-44.jpg
2021-11-13 Eternal_Blizzard link link eternal_blizzard egypt_man Verified 11/14/2021Screenshot_2021-11-14_12-41-05.jpg
2021-11-13 Eternal_Blizzard link link eternal_blizzard nothing22595 Duplicate
2021-11-17 Eternal_Blizzard link link eternal_blizzard thomas13012m Verified 11/26/2021Screenshot_2021-11-26_15-26-30.jpg
2021-11-17 dzizus link link dzizus emapis Verified 11/26/2021Screenshot_2021-11-26_15-28-19.jpg
2021-11-17 dzizus link link dzizus cosimo92xd Verified 11/26/2021Screenshot_2021-11-26_15-29-30.jpg
2021-11-20 Volvire link link volvire winds_of_wings Verified 11/26/2021Screenshot_2021-11-26_15-31-13.jpg
2021-11-22 Eternal_Blizzard link link eternal_blizzard manas123 Verified 11/26/2021Screenshot_2021-11-26_15-31-45.jpg
2021-11-23 MR.MICHAEL link link mr.michael al-tocade Verified 11/26/2021Screenshot_2021-11-26_15-32-18.jpg
2021-11-24 Eternal_Blizzard link link eternal_blizzard daleilama Verified 11/26/2021Screenshot_2021-11-26_15-32-49.jpg
2021-11-26 MR.MICHAEL link link mr.michael dihiya Verified 11/26/2021Screenshot_2021-11-26_15-33-53.jpg
2021-11-27 JesterC link link jesterc ranging_botanist Verified 12/09/2021Screenshot_2021-12-09_11-29-44.jpg
2021-11-29 Al-Tocade link link al-tocade wolfrahm21 Verified 12/09/2021Screenshot_2021-12-09_11-30-50.jpg
2021-11-29 RogerDeFlor link link rogerdeflor sardaukar Verified 12/09/2021Screenshot_2021-12-09_11-31-30.jpg
2021-11-30 Xander12 link link xander ali70 Verified 12/09/2021Screenshot_2021-12-09_11-32-05.jpg
2021-11-30 Xander12 link link xander dihiya Verified 12/09/2021Screenshot_2021-12-09_11-32-36.jpg
2021-11-30 Xander12 link link xander idontlikeaugustus Verified 12/09/2021Screenshot_2021-12-09_11-32-58.jpg
2021-11-30 jonnyk21 link link jonnyk21 fy Verified 12/09/2021Screenshot_2021-12-09_14-25-13.jpg
2021-11-30 Eternal_Blizzard link link eternal_blizzard ali70 Verified 12/09/2021Screenshot_2021-12-09_14-26-50.jpg
2021-12-01 seeh link link seeh madai Verified 12/09/2021Screenshot_2021-12-09_14-27-26.jpg
2021-12-01 Eternal_Blizzard link link eternal_blizzard emapis Verified 12/09/2021Screenshot_2021-12-09_14-28-09.jpg
2021-12-08 Eternal_Blizzard link link eternal_blizzard urbannoki Verified 12/20/2021Screenshot_2021-12-20_12-50-53.jpg
2021-12-09 dzizus link link     Not rated
2021-12-12 tomjtoth link link tomjtoth magus Verified 12/20/2021Screenshot_2021-12-20_12-51-24.jpg
2021-12-17 Volvire link link volvire vovo007 Verified 12/27/2021Screenshot_2021-12-27_13-56-59.jpg
2021-12-19 ZombieMarshmellow link link zombiemarshmellow sitting_bull Verified 12/27/2021Screenshot_2021-12-27_13-58-02.jpg
2021-12-20 Vrayer link link vrayer pr0siak Verified 12/27/2021Screenshot_2021-12-27_13-58-51.jpg
2021-12-21 Eternal_Blizzard link link eternal_blizzard delege88 Verified 12/27/2021Screenshot_2021-12-27_13-59-24.jpg
2021-12-23 stormwalk link link stormwalk auxilentmoon Verified 01/14/2022Screenshot_2022-01-14_11-51-25.jpg
2021-12-26 Vrayer link link vrayer ali70 Verified 01/14/2022Screenshot_2022-01-14_11-52-48.jpg
2021-12-26 Vrayer link link vrayer ali70 Verified 01/14/2022Screenshot_2022-01-14_12-01-15.jpg
2021-12-27 seeh link link seeh yasa.baris Verified 01/14/2022Screenshot_2022-01-14_12-01-53.jpg
2021-12-27 seeh link link seeh   Duplicate
2021-12-29 dzizus link link dzizus auxilentmoon Verified 01/14/2022Screenshot_2022-01-14_12-02-28.jpg
2021-12-29 Eternal_Blizzard link link eternal_blizzard delege88 Verified 01/14/2022Screenshot_2022-01-14_12-02-58.jpg
2021-12-30 Doc Steve link       Incomplete








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Hi, today on Daniel_kinq host i was 1vs1 with DoctorOrgans and when he lost he just left. his excuse was that i banned him on 1vs1 couple of weeks ago when he was dancing with hero after we agreed not to do that.i mean he didnt even win that game i just paused and asked him to stop 3 times and then when he kept doing that and ignoring my questions i closed the game on equality situation.

i want my points - no need to ban him tho.

@user1 @Hannibal_Barca @ffm 

Thanks, Wendy.


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my name : facts
offender's name: miviher

He resigned ( the replay says that) in a rated match ( the replay also says rated) but neither did I get any points nor did he lose any points. I think he figured out an exploit( or maybe it was a 0ad error) and managed to resign but not have points taken away. The commands.txt file states "rated"  and I am positive it was a rated game before starting but it also says he resigned (upon watching the replay again I noticed). I am quite confused. 

thank you

edit: he hosted the game , felt it was important to share



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Hello hello hello.

It's me again.

First serious ranked game in a24 and of course I'm crushing my enemy with Ibers elite cav(op). My opponent did not have the dignity to resign so he pretended internet drop and it disconnected me. It's second time when this noob is doing this kind of thing. There must be a punishment.

opponent name: Raffut1969

my name: Daniel_King




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what happens with the rating if

  1. hunterkilla818 was host  (we both with perfect internet connection)   and
  2. your opened hunterkilla818 leave the room

me: see
opened: hunterkilla818 :bash:

sadly i was not rated (game rate: ,"RatingEnabled":true). Nobody want loose against a very low rated player like me :( i

i got not rated :( i have double eco, double pop, double archer:


he came back later and won the game while i was not ther / not playing / such a ashole, wasn't there, when i wasn't there anymore!!!!!!! that's not how it works for me. sorry. but I won't play 0ad like this any more. come up with something. that I was cheating again




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