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What Temprature Range Is Comfortable For You?

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It's starting to get colder now.

In the morning it's 60 degrees, (farenhiet or however you spell it. Yes that is freezing for us!) then 90 degrees. (a little to hot when we're wearing our turtle-necks and sweaters :))

I was just thinking the other day that if Tim came and visited, he would be wearing shorts, a t-shirt and flipflops while we are wearing turtlenecks, sweaters, coats, and shoes with thick socks!

So, I got the idea for this poll.

I would vote 70 to 90. (more toward 90 as I like the heat :P)

(BTW, who agrees with me that Texas weather is wierd?)

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This is the most ridiculous thread I've seen here to date. Our temperatures here range from 30 to 100 throughout the year.

Which reminds me. I've done quite a bit of camping during all seasons and the question has come up:

Is it better to have it baking hot or freezing cold? Let me tell you, the answer (when you're camping) is freezing cold. There's quite a few ways to make you warmer, but surprisingly few ways to escape the heat on a hot day with no AC!

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Eken, if you read my post, I asked what the most comfortable temperature is for you.



I'm wearing turlenecks with sweaters, a coat, and my windbreaker pants in that kind of weather!

It just goes to show ya how thin your blood can get out here. ;)

But now that I think about it, I lived in Maine where people went swimming in 40 or 50 degree water. (F. again:))

Where do you live Sam?

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To me, it depends on which time of year it is. I'll be comfortable at 10-30 by winter and it will be hot at 30-50. But in summer, I'll be chilling, where I would be confortable at 70-110. This is a relative matter to me. But wouldn't be confortable (unless well dressed) at ~10-10. This is a bit too cold to get out undressed.

(SoggyFroggy : You never learned to use farenheit? I went in the U.S. so many times that I had to get used to it. Also, we are used, in my family, to measure water's temperature with fareinheit. At 60 (15) , it is tolerable, at 70 (20), it's not bad, at 80 (25), it's confortable at 90 (30) it begins to be hot.)

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Lorian : I was more thinking of SoggyFroggy. Even though indeed there are some Canadians that never went in the United States (this is even more true in Quebec!), most of them, especially those that can afford a computer, went there.

I've been to the U.S. a couple times, when I was younger, so it wasn't sufficient to learn about fahrenheit. Anyways, we travel around Canada a lot more, which, with all the trouble caused by 9/11, is far easier.

I suppose it is a simple calculation that one can easily commit to memory, but my point is, the celsius (as it works with kelvin) and the metric system must be adopted, so why try restrain its advance by advocating fahrenheit?

It's not a big deal, I just thought it would be a good idea to further justify my complaint.

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