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What Do You Think Of 0 A.D. So Far ?


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But again, you don't really know much and I don't think anyone who even reads the documents would know how it is until we can actually play it :)

Oh and I think you gave it a 1 just to be different, rather then to go in with the norm, as thats your trademark move. To disagree with everyone and then back out when things turn against you. I've pointed it out to you at HG, but I'm not mad here :) You've great ideas and contributions already as a VIP and I'm glad to hear what you have to say. Infact in this case it's better to go against the norm :)

Also you know nothing of the editor so you can't rightfuly say anything.

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It is a poll about 0 AD so far, is it not? So far there is no game to play, so therefore I must base my decision upon what I can actually see. You have done a lot of work, but there is no real product yet. Until you released your document you really only had a mish mash of information scattered about that really didn’t reveal much about the game at all, other then the time period. I have seen some good progress and that I now have a much better understanding of what you are making since I last voted I upped the score in accordance.

It looks to me as if you are making the AoM editor. But, I suppose you are right, I will just have to wait and see how the finished product is. But, then again I can only comment on what I am shown.

You know what I think of your theory about my devious nature, so I do not need go into that again.

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And for that, we value any opinion you have on which direction it's supposed to take ;) We like VIPs who disagree with us more than VIPs who generally nod and agree with everything we ask them.

If you want this game to be better you can take some time and make a strip-down of the things you don't like and why, and then how they could be better ;) The result will be a game that you enjoy, thats part of the reason why you're a VIP Intrepid.

If you're discouraged at the lack of attention to your posts in the VIP forum, don't worry about it, they'll all be looked at firstly when you post them, and secondly when we are reviewing and working on whatever you post, and thirdly when we compare the results of what we've done with what you've suggested.

There is still a long time until actual gameplay starts being tested out, and frankly until we play the game we don't know what is good or isn't. I'm sure some other VIPs and even staff disagree about some details of gameplay, but then those will all be sorted out when the time comes for it, hence we haven't said much yet.

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