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Know Any Free Online Html Classes?

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I used to have some classes online but the provider for the web sites HTML took its free College level HTML lessons. I've been looking around for more classes, but they're not giving the latest lessons (the first 22 lessons are in the older version of HTML, I was exited about the neat layout of the classes, then I found out you have to pay 20$ for the second half of the classes :P (with XHTML, and XML, style sheets, ect.)

Do you know any good lessons other than at free-ed.net or htmltutorials.ca.

BTW, (by the way)

free-ed.net has other free coding lessons like PERL, C, C+, ect. if you are interested. :lol:

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A good way to learn HTML is to play around with WYSIWYG webpage programs and then to view the source of the pages you create. You can experiment with how the source changes when the appearance changes, and vice versa.

Basically I learned HTML through a combination of this and then looking at a lot of other sites' source codes over a period of about 9 years :lol: Then again, I had a solid understanding in 1-2 years, but I'm always ever learning.

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I forgot to mention that I do have a HTML booklet, but it only can cover so much.

With the updating of HTML, you can't just buy a book to use the rest of your life without having the thing you learn updated, so I kind of wanted to have a class like that is up-to-date. Should have made my self more clear. :P


Nice idea about the WYSIWYG learning :lol:.

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Well html isn't constantly updated, only every 4 years or so. If you buy a decent book on XHTML 1.0 you're fine, that's the current standard and it's still a long way for XHTML 2.0.

Regarding the language itself: W3C is the organization that makes the standards for HTML (and CSS, XHTML, XML, etc.). However, even if for example XHTML 2.0 is ready it doesn't mean it will be implemented on the day it's done. It needs to be implemented by the various browsers first and then people need to update their browser.

Anyway, for some good sites regarding the languages:


That site is great as an introduction and especially as a reference.


Good site for more advanced stuff, and for things like tricks combining css, javascript and xhtml.


Quite advanced, this is more for the standards and accessibility purists.


Advanced blog, especially for CSS. If you're into CSS check out the links on the site, there are a whole bunch of these.

One piece of advice:

Don't learn HTML 4, learn XHTML 1.0. Never neglect standards or abuse the freedom html gives you (for example, always use double quotes, always use lowercase). Also don't learn XHTML 1.1, it's not a newer version of XHTML but a version developed for other mediums than browsers.

Once you know enough XHTML you should really learn CSS. Try to understand the basics first and eventually move on the creating whole layouts with only little XHTML tags but much CSS. CSS is the future and it gives you more control over your layout.

Hope this helps :lol:

Edit: check out this link, it's a blog entry with comments giving links to good tutorials:


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