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Are civs in a25 more unique/specific?

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I see a lot of people moan, but with each civilization I feel like I can play quite differently. At least there are possibilities to play them differently.

For me, civilizations must be economically balanced, very slight boost can however be present like the elephant maurya (small Hp nerf welcome so that the enemies can kill it more easily). ->You will understand that I find the economic bonuses like age of empire really unhealthy (wikipedia land), and it is really an easy solution. Nothing fun for a casual gamer.

In addition to the fairly general technology tree already present, we can also add a few ideas here and there.
For example, for the kushites the siege towers could heal if healers are in garrisons. Kushites already have a lot of differentiation, probably due to their novelty. Persians, a second unit of ram, MEGA RAM 6 of pop garrison 25 places. Give to weak civ better bonus on heros. some civ have 3 good heroe and some civ 1 hero.  I find it unfortunate that we can't bring a hero back to life nut not the thread..


troll on

I am for the competitive balance but let's not forget that part of the community is noob or casual, they also have to be satisfied and although a lot of mods are great, they want to see new things on the basic version of the Game.

Civilizations, fun and original mechanics, more different units, sometimes the appearance is enough to make some people happy. Why not techs to choose the skin of its units to satisfy the gaming grandpas (there are a lot of old skins of the old alphas)

Why not create a kind of low third civilization, called  "tribes" (enough to play solo / against bots / or challenge for very good players in multiplayer). Quite fragile nomadic civ with only infantry units, another with only cav units, another only maritime with buildings only near water. A civ can dismount/mount unit for gather ressource.

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On 23/09/2021 at 7:20 PM, LetswaveaBook said:

Special things don't mean diverse game-play. Kushites had their pyramids for a while, but it did not affect their game style.

So here comes the example of https://code.wildfiregames.com/D4280 which is something that affect the style of kushites. Not by adding something special, but by empowering what we all ready have. There are more examples like this:

Naked fanatics: They are totally unique and you can produce them. There is no reason to produce them though. Gauls also get the trumpeter.

Athenian Council chamber: You get an unique building to produce heros (I admit, somewhat similar to Gauls, Spartans, Persians and Mauryas). However you only touch the building to train the heroes and maybe you get a tech there. So it is a building with hardly any meaning in the game. Maybe allow it to train (some) champions would be nice or give it a territory root as the Persian and Mauryan palaces have.

All helenistic factions get the Theatron: Not that anyone really would consider building them. I would suggest adding them to p1 with cheaper cost and lesser effect (10% territory boost). Once you get to p2, you would be able to do an upgrade to get the full territory boost. It might also open some possibilities for theatron related bonuses.

Colonization: This is a unique tech, that you most often don't find any place for in your games. Reducing the price of this technologies to 15ow,150m might create a nice option.

Pillars of Ashoka: This could help to diversify the Mauryas, but unfortunately there is currently no reason to build it. An idea would be that if would increase the speed of traders and grant experience to healers withing the range of the pillar.

Mauryas: They get something unique of their champions and it deals a lot of crush damage. It is not the the elephant, but mace champion. It is unique, but nobody bothers making it. I think this is because human units have to much crush resistance (Reducing crush resistance might also mean that other units need to be rebalanced. Note: Kushite macemen also suffer somewhat from this problem).

Temple of Vesta: When I play Romans, I tend to forget that it exists. If we made it more potent (larger aura range), it would be more of a defining feature

Cavalry diversity of Persians: The persians have an amazing number of 6 different cavalry types in their stables. The fact that this diversity is not really used makes this a shame. So balancing all cavalry to give each of them an unique place could help. It would also help if Chariots and Cataphracts were unlocked with the same upgrade (also goes for Seleucids).

Finally Kushite mercenary camps: If you want to double down on diversity, you might want to reduce to cost of these camps to 100w,50m to put an emphasis on their uniqueness.

So there you find a way to diversify all factions but Britons and Iberians. For britons the was a woad technology proposed in A24. Certainly the Iberians are all ready diverse. I think we could do better in terms of diversity if we only used the thing that we all ready have. Also we could improve our heroes and  I welcome any suggestions on


What's sad is that in a23 these were not a problem.

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