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Wfg T-shirt?

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I had never thought of such a thing, but my wife and her hometown forum have edited T-shirts for over 30 members ... well, obviously, no money is made on the T-shirts. It is only to show how proud you are of your own town ... or community.

Well, the thing is, they had the T-shirts done for nearly nothing since my wife's hometown is in the Philippines ... but anyway, couldn't it be possible for WFG to have some merchandising done? (without any money done on the sales ... if you want to remain a band of hobbyists ...) ... the money asked would just be the exact amount of the T-shirt + shipping ...

There could be mugs :P (I love mugs :P ) or stickers ... I don't know ...

Do you think it is feasable ... and if so, is it a good idea?

how many of you (us) would be interested in having merchandising from WFG?

However, I understand it would be impossible for TLA ... but, could be for 0 A.D.

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I like your picture Curu :P

I like the WFG mousepad idea too, Arga ... and I like your new avatar too ...

Thank you :lol: But it should be very cool, so not only the WFG logo on it, although that is cool, but I want more :spam:

About the avatar, who doesn't like it? :P Maybe we should have a Special Argalius Mousepad Edition (SAME) of the WFG mousepads :P

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