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The Dreaded Days Of School!

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Okay let me explain some geography. Australia is in the southern hemisphere, the southern hemisphere has opposite seasons.

Now let me explain Australia's holiday system.

We get a 4 week holiday from about 20th december to23rd of januarry (we get some public holidays making it a little longer)

Then we get one from about 4 days before easter to 10 days after it (2 week)

then we get another one in mid september for another 2 weeks.

then we're back to where we started.

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We have a new literature teacher who needs to prepare us for a literature matriculation exam, which will take place in January. I'm lending my Literature teacher my notebook from last year, as well as some exams, so she could see what my class has already learned.

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I have an easy schedule, with cool teachers, like high-school teachers should be like :P , because you learn better then.

My first hour teacher (C++) is a real easy going guy that likes to joke around a lot. And he likes 0 A.D. :P how cool is that?

My second hour teacher (Math) is one of the smartest guys I know, and he is real nice and helpful.

My third hour teacher (creative writing) is too nice for her own good. You can be 10 minutes late to her class and she'd let you slide. :P

And my fourth hour teacher (American History) is the coolest teacher this side of the mexican border. She is the most easy going teacher ever. She will tell you anything about her. In fact, she is an admitted pot head :P

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No idea, but anyway today was my first day on school (only picked up my schedule and saw my new mentrix (don't know what it is in english, it's let's say he/she helps you with problems in the class etc.))

And I saw my new class, and o man I'm a happy man now, some very fine looking girls are in my class. :lol:

Tomorrow the classes start again :-(

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