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Yiuel's Birthday Gift

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I want to present to you what will probably be my birthday gift (though it isn't sure). Since it's a personal flag, it will be unique :P Here's the design.

«Une doubleflèche d'argent sur champ carré d'azur, senestrée de trente-et-une barres libres alternées d'azur et d'argent.»

What do you think of it? I don't mean the meaning, but the general aspect, its look?

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I'll probably put on a wall in my room at University. I hope it will be beautiful and well realised. The uneasy part is the right part of the flag, for each bars are free from each other, only being linked to the main square.

As for some meanings, here are a few (because it holds a lot of meanings :P)

- Blue represents (pure) Hope (usually represented with green), it also represents the Water that surrounds the Isle of Melville.

- White repreents Peace, it also represents the Snow that covers the Isle of Melville most of the time.

- The doublearrow (Doubleflèche in French) represents the Isle of Melville (it is its shape, after all :P). This doublearrow also describ some faith in what I believe, and doublethinking, doublecounciousness.

- The square represents Unity, when the Bars represents Diversity. They are 31 (trente-et-une) since when I planned my first travel to Melville, I planned to visit 30 points, with the 15th twice (hence 31 points). It could also mean that life is never "even" but "odd", whatever you try.

- There are blue and white bars because of diversity : we are not all the same, and out thinking can be different.

- The linking of the bars ONLY with main square means that were linked only by our will to stay in Peace and Hope (hence, in our country) and that nothing else can retain us from leaving.

And more could be said about it's meaning to me :P

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Well this ratio was chosen because of the first square. Originally, the flag was a banner, only having the doublearrow. Later, I added the bars in other to represent a full range of other meanings. I first tried to fit them into the "golden ratio" system, but I felt the bars to short.

Also, to me, diversity is as important as unity, so it leaded to a ration 1:2. This ratio is also common in Canada (the Canada flag, actually being official, is so based, as most provincial flags (but Quebec's is not :P)).

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