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Which Country Would You Want To Go To More

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Asia for me ... the Philippines to be precise ... my wife's from there and it is the most beautiful country I have ever been to ... people are wonderful, I love the cooking, it is VERY cheap for the quality ... and it is like being in Spain with Asian people. :P So, I nearly feel like home :P

@ Uppy: good pick ... France is a marvellous country ... but do not only go to Paris :P

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Here is a list of countries I would like to visit (in no particular order)



Great Britain

Canada (although I live 3 hours from the border and I have already been, its a beautaful country)

Germany (for the beer gardens :P )

Italy (definatley)



and Russia

On average, 2 people a day get hospitalised in Paris because of the 'dog droppings'

And also, Asia is a continent, not a country :P

Nice poll

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Excellent idea for a poll!

I've been dreaming of a trip to Spain for some years now myself. My friends and I have been day-dreaming of a trip along Italy, southern France and Spain for quite some time, maybe we'll even get to do it someday.

In the more distant future I would like to take a trip to South America (especially Brazil and Argentina) and, political climate permitting, I want to travel around the Middle East: Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Iran, Tunisia, Morrocco and especially Lebanon... Such an interesting, unique, beautiful country.

Adding to Sam's comment, technically America isn't a country either (you were probably referring to the USA).

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Dear Sam, from your list ...

- Switzerland ... visited ... nice places, people are friendly, but life is outrageously expensive.

- Ireland ... visited ... great place, nice girls, excellent beer !!!! (beer.gif

- Great Britain ... visited ... my second home ... it's like trying to advertise your own town :P

- Canada ... not visited yet, but have been invited to some friends :P

- Germany ... visited ... went to some relatives near Hamburg ... am supposed to go to a friend's wedding in Köln in September ... will see what it is like :P

- Italy ... visited ... wonderful place. Went to Rome, Naples, Siciliy, Pisa, Venice, Turin ... you have to go there! It is (nearly) as beautiful as France.

- Austria ... visited (for a few hours) ... just went at the border of Austria and Switzerland ... looked the same really.

- France ... living in it :P ... what could I say! ... if anyone drops by in Toulouse, they have to come over. I will make you guys discover the South West!

- Russia ... not visited ... not planning to though :P

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Your lucky!

But I suppose its easier since you live "in the general area" meaning you dont have to cross the oceans.

My brother, once he gets done with the Basic Training this winter, is talking a 5 month trip through Europe. Lucky guy.

I bet Ireland has nice beer, especially around St. patricks Day :P

I'd like to go some places in Germany that wern't 'hit in the war', same with France.

@Jeru: I would also like to visit the Middle- East, but didn't add that to my list for 'politcal' reason, though, Im sure, that it is definatley nto as bad as I am thinking Ive been watching the US news too much :P )

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Here are countries where I have been invited to go :

- Korea

- Brazil

Both countries I would like to visit, but they are far off where I live (Canada). But, in a near future, the first place where I would like to go is : Japan. (LOL) Well, I'm not learning Japanese for nothing :P I'll probably like to live there part-time. Korea would then be really close to go!

Here are other countries I would like to visit :

- Ireland (Eire!). I've learned that the Shannon river is a really beautiful place, but most countryparts of Ireland are beautiful.

- Bretagne (this is part of France, I know). My family seems to come from that land, even though my last known ancestors were probably French-speakers of Bretagne.

- Melville Island (this is part of Canada) : I would like to visit that place especially because I find it really beautiful, in its way. But it's far. I'll need to build a 10 000km long trip to go there. But I'll see marvellous places along the way as well : my birthplace ; the Mackenzie River ; Banks Island (renowed for its flowers, just south of Melville Island).

As for global regions in which I would be interested :

- Middle East (especially Israël, Lebannon and Syria), what we call in French "Le Levant".

- Mesopotamia. I know it's mostly Irak, and is Middle East, but it is to me a different place. There I would like to visit its night, for the stars are said to be beautiful!

- Turkestan : This is the region which is just north of Afghanistan. The people over there speaks Turkish languages (hence Turkestan). I would like to visit Samarkand, Timur Lan's capitol. Timur lan is also known as Tamerlan.

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As for global regions in which I would be interested :

- Middle East (especially Israël, Lebannon and Syria), what we call in French "Le Levant".

You may be delighted to hear that Lebanese Arabic has very heavy French influences.

Is it true that the French regard Syria and Lebanon with special care, since they are former French mandates?

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Well I'm interested in Eastern Europe in particular so:

- Czech (been to Prague and Karlovivari, but want to see more of it)

- Slowakia

- Hungary (been there too once but only Budapest)

- Slovenia (small chance that I'll go there this summer)

- Croatia

- the Baltic states

For more remote locations I would like to see:

- Suriname (Dutch ex-colony)

- China

- India

- South Korea

- Japan

- Mexico

- Canada

- Morroco

- Turkey

I've never been that far yet. I've seen much of Belgium's neighbours (The Netherlands, France, UK, Luxemburg, Germany) and a bit of Spain, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Czech and Hungary.

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Italy - see avatar :D

Britain - partially related to avatar, but also the tons of other history there.

France - lots of great museums and see avatar :(

Greece - to see Thermopylae would be out of this world! To be able to say "Xerxes was here!" or "Socrates walked along this path" cannot be calculated.

Croatia - 50% of my genetic make-up comes from here :( Plus need to see Split (see avatar).

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I would like to go too:

Italy (been there a lot already, but not jet in Pompeii)

Scotland (And to buy a kilt as a souvenir and see celtic stuff)

Greece (See ancient greek stuff)

Egypt (See pyramids tempels etc.)

Ireland (See celtic stuff if i can`t find a tartan in Scotland I`ll buy an Irish tartan)

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