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Brian Got A New Lizard

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Yes. I totally got a Bearded Dragon last Saturday. It is a baby no more than a month and a half old. Here are some pics below.


That is him/her in my hand.


This is him sleeping in the corner of his cage. I would totally have a cramp.


Here he/she is in his/her cage. Hmm, roomy.

What do you think?

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Nah, he/she is ok (For now i will assume that he is a male). The lizard loves its cage. I know that a person would be board out of their mind, but he really enjoys sunning himself on that log. What i do is i usually just let him sit on me while i am on the computer. That is what i am doing right now as a matter of fact. He has fallen asleep right no my chest. He has these little claws so he hangs onto my shirt with no problem. You don't need to give him that much attention on account that he is a lizard, but he does enjoy being taken out of his cage daily which isn't hard since i just take him out and set him on me while i am using the computer. Oh, and the lizard is fine. Doing great. I never knew a little guy like that could eat 10 crickets easy in one sitting :0. To top that off, he eats twice a day!

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