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What Do You Think I Should Do?

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Do you think I should

A: Save money to go to acting school and get an agent? or

B: Get ready for the olympics in 2008 or 2012?

I know that whole olypic thing is weird but my mom thinks I could have a chance. In 2008 I'll be 14 and in 2012 I'll be 18. I would really appericiate it if you would tell me what you think I should do (y)

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knowing that only over 200 actors are very rich and only 50 American swimmers (maybe less) are at the Olympics, I think you should try and find something else ... 200 over 250Million ... or 50 over 250Million ... that is a low percentage. Apart from that, I would choose going to the Olympics in 2012 (2008 is a bit young ...)

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