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Hey all,

I just registered and wanted to say hi. Well I didn't really want to, but I saw the Introductions forum and I couldn't resist the urge :P.

My real name is Stef, I'm 17 years old, male, and I'm from Borgharen, a small town in the Netherlands (But hey, it has a castle!).

My nickname is Yhagoro, I've been designing scenarios since AoK:TC came out, and after playing Chronicles of the Warlords I tried to join Woad Creations, and guess what? They let me in! They recovered from that mistake now and kicked me out because I'm kinda lazy :lol:. I'm still active at their forum though, maybe when AoE III comes out I'll join them again :P. Oh yeah, I also designed for AoM a bit, that is, untill my cd was scratched >.:)

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