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What Do You Do To Pass The Time?

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My mom never lets me watch TV during the week. (y)


I'd kill her. Well, not that I watch that much TV, but still (y).

Actually, I rarely watch TV, come to think of it.

When I'm bored I usually go forum/msn a bit, listen to music, or read if I can get my lazy @#$% up to the library to get some books :(. But I've been working these few weeks, but I get bored there too :(, why do you think I registered here :(?

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When i get bored i get tired and then i fall to sleep until i wake up. Anybody else like my idea? And no, i am not kidding, that is what i do, unless i have to do work or have plans. Then i wake up and clean out my pool. Then i go out and do errands. Well, yes and that pretty much does it for me.

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