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Big News At Home

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Well, I was reading through the local weekly fishwrap (newspaper) and I found this interesting news article:

Three local youths are in hot water after an incident July 25 in which they were accused of throwing clumps of dirt at passing motorists in the 600 block of South Chillicothe Road.  According to officers, they were apprehended after one clump of dirt was thrown at a police cruiser, causing damage to the light bar. It was determined four other vehicles were damaged.  Two charges of vehicle vandalism and one charge of curfew violation were filed against each of the youths,who were released to parents. The cases were referred to juvenile court.

Meanwhile, a resident of the 600 block of East Pioneer Trail reported July 24 that bocci balls were used to damage a car door and mailbox. No arrests were made.

Two days later, a bocci ball was found in a ditch in the 900 block of West Garfield Road. It was not known whether the incidents were connected, and the latter bocci ball was taken to the police station for safe keeping.

Well, it certainly makes me feel safer knowing that the police are doing their best in this age of suicide bombers and global terrorism. Oh, and by the way, I have never been in the police blotters yet (to my knowledge) :lol:

On the front page, we find out that there is a new pastor in town, summer Bible school is closing down. There is also a picture of a swimmer that says "Stroke, stroke, stroke" (no kidding)

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no, I was not involved in any dirt throwing :lol: when I see a cop car I don't throw things at it!

I just thought the stroke thing was funny, I don't know why a something like that would make the front page...

Adam has a fine collection of scanned police blotters, I'm getting mine started since I just got a new scanner.

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