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Are You More Of A Rule Keeper Or Rule Breaker?

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Rule Breaker here :P I love messing with people who think they have some sort of authority by making rules.

Example: In early elementary school here, we're taught never to "run with scissors" because you might fall and poke your eye out.

To me that is just rediculous, what're the chances of that. Infact, that's so rediculous why not make a new rule; called "Be careful when running with scissors". Now I would have no problem just abiding the normal rule, not to run with scissors since, well hell, I don't think I've ever been confronted with a situation to run with scissors in hand. However it's the rediculousness of the rule that makes me want to break it.

Because one idiot had scissors in his hands and happened to trip causing injury to himself, now everyone in the world can't run while they have scissors? That's a terrible rule.

Oh by the way, I forgot; here America is a very Rule-oriented society. I think it takes it's root in early age when children are clearly told what they can do and what they can't, and that's the final matter, no explaining why. People then become "rule keepers" and just follow rules without questioning what they are for. To me, that's a sign of weakness because you're sucombing to someone elses [poor]judgement and not your own.

I'll give some better examples of stupid things that people have to go through because of a few idiots whining/complaining.

For example, McDonalds now cannot serve hot coffee. Some idiot spilled coffee on herself and then sued McDonalds for making it's coffee too hot, now everyone has to have mildly warm coffee instead of hot coffee. No, the person can't have just waited a while like normal people for the coffee to cool off, they had to spill it onthemselves and win over a few million dallors while at the same time lower the quality of life for everyone else who likes hot coffee.

I could actually go on forever explaining stupid rules that people have to follow because of a few people's screw ups.

So yeah, I break rules. Pretty much to rebel against stupidity

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@CheeZy, about that scissors thing...

They also tell us to hold knives, scissors, etc. point down. I think that it's more likely that you'll drop it on your foot then trip and stick it in your head. Of course, the fast reacting will probably throw away the knife once they start tripping, therefore diffusing any chance of getting stabbed at all.

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