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Have You Or A Friend Of Yours Been On National TV?

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I was on ESPN for the National Mathcounts competition (a math contest for middle schoolers in the US).

Unfortunately, the only part they showed was the part where speed mattered and I was the first to be eliminated. Yay!

It was really boring. All I got to see was me forgeting how to divide 999 and 3. :-(

Well... and some other stuff. But it was still boring. Much less nerve-wracking when you're not up there.

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I have never been on TV; but i was interviewed rather long on Radio once, i was on Norway Cup (Worlds biggest Soccer turnament) :P

I was really tired so i actually didnt say anything useful, just talked about girls and stuff ... and my mom, dad and my 2 grandparents were listening :P

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Oh wait, I was on national TV for about 5 seconds when the Reagan-Funeral-mobile passed by. See, I made sure I was in a place where everyone could see me, sitting ontop of a fence on a bridge ontop of the 101 Freeway :P



and look, some patriotism ->


Besides American flags, there were also alot of German Flag-waving going on too, people love Reagan and his Berlin-wall-taking-down abilities

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well, that's why it says " I was over there" Instead of "I'm right there"

Because that picture was from when I was still aproaching the place.

I was sitting ontop of the concrete wall/fence right under the arrow.

Anyway I took lke 30 pictures, or atleast thought I did :P battery ran out after the first 2 shots, which I posted above.

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On one occasion, I was on national TV ... not only me, but my other fellow rowers. We were 4 boys who had reached the French Rowing Championship (back in 1995) ... we managed to arrive 3rd ... a report had been done on us since we were not expected at all to reach such a rank. It was fun, I got "famous" for a few days after that :P

A better story is about my uncle. He is retired now, but he used to be in charge of a laboratory in a College in France. One day, he arrived at work at 7am although his work was supposed to start at 8 ... he felt like going early to finish things up ... Normally, a cleaning woman was to sweep all the class rooms and laboratories, but she was sick that day. When he entered the lab, he was about to switch the light on when he smelt a weird smell ... it was gaz. Had the lady turned the light on, the whole school would have blown up ... He was calm enough to turn the gaz supplier off without touching any electrical device. he then opened the windows and told every person who was in there to evacuate. It proved out that a student who had been sanctioned had turn the gaz suppliers on and had left them on for the whole night ... not only 1, but several national TVs came over ... and I even think there was a Spanish or Italian TV who interviewed him :P We still have the video tape at home :P

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