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Huwwo everybody!

about me:

I life in the Netherlands, in Best to be specific. I'm 16 years old and unfortunately I still have to go to school.

I started to read the books after the first movie came out. I haven't seen that movie in the theater, 'cause I thought it was to scary. I had read the first book by then and thought that it was to scary for me to watch it. Lol that seemed to be a wrong thought. So my mum went to hire the movie and that is where I fell in love with it.

I rp a lot (as Elanor, daughter of Sam and Rosie, and a lot more characters) And so my love for it grew more and more. *grins* I just love it!

By now I have read all the books at least 7 times and I'm now reading the books in english. Which I suppose is good 'cause a lot of things are different. Not in the storyline, but the names and such things. Anyway.... I hope it was enough :)

I hope to see you around on the Forums!!



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LOL. I edit you out, just.. because. Lol I know you were joking, Jeremiah.. and you 're right.. see you around :)

Lol jup, you're right. I simply love hobbits. And seeing that everybody was all the 'famous' hobbits. *shrugs* I just love Elanor. *grins* nvm..

Silmarillion, I have read it too, but I didn't really understand it. Gonna read it again :)

Thanks for your welcome.. both of you!! and thanks again Jeremiah ;)

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Hey Elanor. Nice to have you around here as a fellow Tolkien lover and Dutch(wo)man :)!

Don't worry, I didn't grasp the complexity of The Silmarillion the first time either, but it gets better every time you read it. Trust me :).

And a seperate genealogical tree might come in handy, will all those names and relations.

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*grins* thanks Caedus! First have to get it back of my nephew.. HE STOLE IT FROM ME!!!



Thank you!! Lol yesh and I know Jerry. Or Jeremiah or Jeroen. what ever. he WAS a fellowclassman of mine. *Frowns* aw well.. It is his own fault *sticks out her tongue to Jeremiah*

*ish a woman* well hum. yesh :)


Thanks again everybody!!

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Mae Govannen, Elanor!

hope you enjoy your stay here at WFG - and since you are such a friend of those pesky Halflings, you'll find it pleasing that they are indeed included in TLA - only as a Minor (computer controlled) Civilisation though ... but i'm sure someone will make a "Hobbit"-Mod :) *ahem*

*shuffles back to GD work*

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Frodo against Sam:

"It's time Sam."

"Time for what?"

"Time to take over the world!"


Sorry, but that just came into my mind. If you don't get it, replace Frodo with Brain and Sam with Pinky. If you still don't get it, search the internet for those names :).

I've included an document that distinguishes the different Elven people in Middle-Earth. It might help you to understand The Silmarillion and TLA better :).

Btw. I didn't make it. It was made by Adam (av_nefardec) the Project Leader over at TLA.


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Lol sowwy!! I was away for a week and I forgot to tell you :self-bash:

stupid me


Pinky and Brain *thinks* I have heard of that.. though I'm not sure.. Sam ish cooL! :) *looks around* Humm.. nvm

Enarwaen... Humm.. I haven't really yet.. found out everything of this board.. just looking around everywhere.. Lol ;) but there will be a time that I understand everything!!!!!!! I hope :)


I'm back!!! Be afraid.. be very afraid! :P

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LOL yesh me ish a girl, Akya is right. But yesh I am dutch :) and no I won't go to another school. I still have 2 years to go. We have different main schools. DOn't really know how to explain it.

First when you are 4 years old you go to school, until you are 12 years old.

Then to a different schoo. (The Main School as you called it) And there we have.. 3 different.. things:

Mavo: is 4 years

Havo: is 5 years

Vwo: is 6 years

me does the last one ;)

Oke.. that was weird.. and after that you get to choose your next school :P Lol nvm.. *ish being weird again*

Anyway.. I"M A GIRL :P

and crazy :P

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