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How Good Is Your Eyesight?

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dunno... I have -4.3 for the fact I can't see objects which are far away.


I have -0.25 on the right eye, and -5.0 on the left (the right eye is the dominant one, hence it healed from hipermethropy, the other one not).

In any case, here we have a decimal measurement, hence i have 10/10 on the right eye and 4/10 on the left. The right eye usually compensate for the left, but i tend to have some 3D focalization problems at very close distance (it seems that the jeweler profession is forbidden to me... :))

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Mine's -2.75 or something around that. (maybe -3 now)

(How do you convert it into 20/something?)

You don't have to convert it, that number measures the corrections you need to see properly, whereas the 20/something measures how much you (don't) see: they measure different things...



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