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Do You Believe In Aliens?

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Given the scale of the universe, I think there is tons of life out there.

If we can find old traces of life on mars, then that makes the increadibly unlikely phenomenon of life much more likely, doesn't it?

I think there's life out there, but we are alone :indifferent: as human beings. I mean, could we share technology and information with those mars bacterium? What about those fish-like things that're 200 lightyears away and have no way of reaching us.

There's life out there but it's definatly not spying on us in little flying saucers.

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I am sure life exists somewhere else.

This Universe is huge (we can see at least a 60-billion-light-year-wide sphere around us...) and we have only a "few" kilometers... Why then would there be nothing outside Earth?..

At least a bacteria, at best a Sentinent being as we are, and maybe more advanced.

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Probably all the other sentient life out there is thinking the same thing...

Like, NASA once sent out a radio signal with a bitmap, being some symbolic representation of people, the earth, ... but how do we know aliens use the same method of converting a stream of data into a 2D image? How do we know they use pixels? How do we know that they don't use a compressed format for transmitting data? And even if they do, that image was too pixelated to tell anything from anyways.

Either that or my memory is deceiving me...

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i null voted because i don't understand the question:

do i believe claims of sightings of aliens

or do i believe aliens exist anyway

and what does alien mean: any living organism not from earth or an intelligent being capable of comunicating with us.

i don't know man...but it keeps me up at night... :indifferent:

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Alien.. I do not know.. maybe. (I voted maybe)

How will we ever know? There are loooads of planets. not only our *starsystem* Sowwy. don't really know the english word, but I hope you understand me. :self-bash:

I do not think if we will ever find it out. Let's just say.. never.

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