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It's, its and the bunch

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Hey there! On all forums I stop by, and also within our community, I noticed that people often mix up it's and its. That's why, though i am not a native English-speaking fellow, I want to clear this up since my teachers taught us about it a several hundred times.

"it's" is simply the abbreviation for it is.

"Its" is a possessive pronoun. his trousers, her lipstick and its carrot (the rabbit's).

If needed I can fledge things out a better way and back my approach up with more examples.

Hope this was a worthy read. :P

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Yes, I see this part of English misused a lot :indifferent: Thank you for pointing it out Timmy.

To clarify, "It's" is used a lot more than "Its" is. There aren't a whole lot of proper uses for "Its" (at least compared to "It's).

I think a lot of people, especially people who "tyep liek this" just are too lazy to add an apostrophe to "It's". :worship:

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