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I have, as of today, sought employment at 50 different establishments. So far I have only gotten calls back from the corrupt/scam marketing firm and the company that decided it doesn’t need the position I was applying for. I started looking for a summer job sometime in March, it is now July and I have absolutely nothing to show for my endeavors. I have been to supermarkets, offices, theaters, marketing firms, retailers, nurseries, etc with no luck.

As I stumbled in the door to my house after partaking in another one of those pointless summer jobs for students seminars I checked my resume just to make a sure I hadn’t added the line “Eats Babies” on it, because I think that might be the only thing that can explain my miserable luck.

I have been deemed unqualified to work at Future Shop, McDonalds, Best Buy, Sams Club and Home Depot, because I lack experience in that particular profession. Best Buy for instance requires at least 6 months experience to qualify to be a stock boy. To actually work on the selling floor you need at least 1 – 2 years experience in retail.

My experience at Wal Mart has certainly been the oddest. When I handed my resume to the desk clerk at the lay a way desk at Wal Mart, the clerk took a quick look at my resume and uttered the line “You know, not just anybody works at Wal Mart”. I looked back at this Woman with an absolutely stunned look on my face. I fought back the urge to ask if I was not retarded enough to work at Wal Mart, as I swear that most of their sales staff has a maximum IQ of 50. Instead I just thanked her for taking my resume and walked away. I am sure that she processed it through the paper shredder right after I left.

I have only had 2 interviews thus far. 2 interviews out of 50 applications! Something tells me I won’t be getting a job this summer. Hopefully, I can pay my University tuition in something other then money.

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That's weird.

I got the best job I could wish for, a Tourist Information Center. Free time to study when nobody's there, and people are not mad usually when they come. Almost nothing to do, but to learn about my neighborhood and to study what I'll study at University.

I applied a lot. But there are a lot of services in Canada to help you find a job. The one I found was one I found on a federal government site. I will have enough to pay University, so I will not "need" a big job while I'll be fully studying.

But, do not surrender. You will find one, I'm sure. And, take what you get. If you get better after, take the better one. Maybe two jobs at a time, this is another way.

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I am currently employed at a church part time, but I only log 6-8 hours a week, which is hardly anything.

The employers at the local McDonalds told that they were only looking for people with prior fast food experience, or customer service related experience.

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Denny's doesn't exist in Canada (well that isn't exactly true, there is one Denny's outside of Kingston).

Edit: Oops, that isn't true. There are 53 Denny's inside of Canada, but the one outside of Kingston is the only one I have ever seen.

On a side note, there are 401 Denny's in California alone.

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Yeah, finding a summer job is getting hard these days. I've always had luck that my parents have/had many connections due to their job, eg. slaughterhouse since my mother works there and food distribution center since it used to be a client of my dad. So, maybe you could get one through your parents, that's the easiest way to find one.

Right now I'm working for two NPO's, designing websites and such. They don't pay very well but they always have a lot of work available. Maybe you could try some of those?

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I finally got a job today. It is working in a warehouse that assembles board games and puzzles.

I get paid minimum wage (7.15/hour) and I work 7.2 hours a day, mandatory breaks and lunch are deducted from my pay. I start at 8 am and work until 4 pm. It will take me approximately 2 hours to get to work on my bike, or 3 hours via public transit. There have been 5 other people who had this job before me, and they have all quit, so I assume that there is something grossly wrong with this job. The money I make at this job will probably fail to pay my book fees at university next year.

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