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Which game is suitable for Christmas?


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On 13/8/2021 at 6:18 AM, AllanReyes said:

group games for family members

Player size is a major factor in choosing the right game for your family.  Also, how competitive do they like games?  How long of games are you looking for?

Codenames is an excellent four player+ game, and if you wish to restrict the number to two players or have the game cooperative, I'd recommend Codenames duet.  

On a similar light complexity game, The Crew is an ingenious trick taking game that works well with three to four players but is functional at five.  

If you're looking for something a bit more meaty, there is Pandemic the board game, but I would warn that although that is a fantastic cooperative game, it can lead to a bit of a problem if one person asserts over everyone else.  

As a light asymmetrical wargame, I am a fan of Root, which functions best with 3-4 players, yet I would warn that it is very cutthroat and could vary in compatibility from one group to the next.  

Isle of Skye is phenomenally well designed and worth investigating, works well with up to 5 players, and tends to clock at around 45 minutes of play-time.

RPG-wise, Gloomhaven is fantastic if you're willing to spend that much money (at this rate you might as well wait for it's sequel Frosthaven coming out next year.), yet I personally prefer Mage Knight; that game however is much more cerebral and might be for a more niche audience.

If you want a heavy-weight civilisation game, I cannot recommend another game more strongly than Through the Ages: A New Story of Civilisation.

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Super Mario Party

Publisher: Nintendo
Available on: Switch 
Genre: Party/mini-games

This is for Christmas day itself. Get four people together and no matter what their age they will be able to enjoy a good game of Super Mario Party.

Super Mario Party is possibly the best game in the series, and it has loads of brand new game modes and stages exclusive to this version. If you don't feel comfortable going around a game board solo, you can team up with friends, or alternatively, you could have the whole family work together to sail a raft downstream. 

Everyone is sure to enjoy this excellent party game.

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Re-Volt/RVGL is a fun car racing game for multiple players (splitscreen or LAN), with tons of tracks, cars, various racing modes (incl. battle tag), and supporting all kinds of controllers. It's available for multiple platforms, incl. Linux, Windows, and Android (the latter without splitscreen mode, though, but also over LAN). It runs smoothly even on an old Amazon FireTV box (Android) and an old Intel Core2 Duo PC (Windows 10). :)

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