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Scary Stories

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Well aside from my experience with my sheets (described elsewhere), one of my worst nights happened while camping near Burney Falls in the north of California. My dad and I were coming back from a gameshow activity held at the campsite the last evening we were there (which I did quite well in I may add). Once we returned to our tent, I felt a few sprinkles and perdicting a rainstorm, I suggested to have the rain coverring be put on. My dad felt this unnecessary and he didn't bother to put it on.

What followed was without a doubt the most miserable night of my life. True to my perdiction, it rained hard and we were all soaking wet. It was my dad's job to put the rain coverring in the middle of the downpour. I felt the night would never end. But finally the sun rose, and I had to rush to the bathroom located a distance aways to throw up in. At least after that I was in the Jeep while my parents packed up everything. :P

The only solace I could find was that I placed my personal items in the Jeep before it rained, so they avoided getting soaked. Needless to say, I haven't gone camping sense then. My dad wishes me to go camping again, but I always beg to differ with this story in mind, and my mom shares my POV. :P

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Aw black op you wimp! I've camped in some pretty aweful rainstorms just fine, you just gotta be prepared (boy scout motto!). I'm trying to think of something scary that happened to me... Hm...

I can't think of one right now, but if someone knows who made a "fun and games" forum, I'm going to give them a rep up for getting the spam out of GC :P.

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The scariest thing that happened to me was when I was about 5-years-old.

The house next to ours used to be of my dad's parents and we were renting it to some strange guy and his family. One day he got very angry at his house keeper and started beating him up and attacking him with a knife.

The house keeper ran to our house for help, but only I was there, alone. He was running around our house, his face covered in blood, and after him that strange guy ran with a knife.

Well, I didn't really exactly know what to do, so I started to scream very loudly. Fortunatly my mom heared my screams; she was in here vet practice, a building close to our house. So when she heared my she came to our house and that must have scared the attacker away.

A few hours later the police arrested him. It turned out that he wasn't only arrested because of what he did to his house keeper but mainly because he was involved in a big political fraud scandal regarding Jean-Pierre Van Rossem (that guy is very infamous in Belgium).

Another scary thing that once happened to me was when I was only 3-years-old. I was busy drawing with a new set of nice sharp pencils I got. Kids of that age still like to put things in their mouth, so I took out the sharpest one, put it in my mouth and started walking around with it. Suddenly I fell on the floor, and guess what: the pencil totally pierced my cheek.

Well my dad is still saying that it was quite a scary sight, me lying there with a pencil through my cheeck :P

I still have a big scar on my cheeck, but fortunatly it's getting smaller and smaller.

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Woo, that must have hurt.

Well I had a similar thing across the street. The parents are nice, but their son was part of a gang, I think. One time we were eating dinner and we heard several loud pops. It happened to be the fourth of July, so we all thought it was fireworks. It was really a gunshot.

No one was shot there, but then about 4 fire trucks, 10 police cars, and an EMS truck arrived because someone called it in. They arrested the kid, and he dosen't live there anymore.

Also once my neighbor was attacked by her own pitbulls. So several ambulances also came.

When ever you call something in in my city, you will not get just one car, but several! That is kinda neat, showing that my city prepares alot for things. :P

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Well, promised I would remember something...

This isn't as scary as intriguing, but... My grandfather (who was very much a christian) was having dinner with a friend of his. After dinner, while my grandma and the guy's wife were cleaning the table they stepped outside for some fresh air and my grandpa noticed a light in the sky. He had been a airplane mechanic in WWII and he said that no plane could stand still like that light, and there was no helicopter sound so he was positive that was not it either. Then, after he pointed it out to his friend and called the women to see, it just dissapeared, they saw it shoot off towards the left faster than anything my grandad has ever seen and once it went out of sight behind the rooftop, they couldn't fidn again.

Anyway, he doesn't believe in UFOs, and he doesn't consider that an UFO but he can't explain it either. So a UFO sighting is just two generations away from me.

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Black OP, that wouldn't be a waste of resources. Better two many and wasted gas than too few and someone dead!

I got chased by a dog on a run once. That was pretty scare for sure. THe weird thing is I started sprinting, and he easily caught up to me, then he was running circles around me and I was running down the sidewalk, then he drifted onto the lawn, but as he kept his glare on me he ran straight into the side of a house. It was really weird but I was glad he wasn't chasing me anymore.

Hm, this is more comforting to me than scary, but my mom used to teach school of religion (which is basically Sunday school for Catholics who go to public schools) and once she got this really disturbing feeling she said, and it bugged her so much that she had the whole class pray the "Our Father", which how often does that happen? She gets home and a message is on the voice mail from her sister saying my grandpa (her dad) had died just a few minutes before, and the time she got distressed matched up with the time her dad had died.

That's a personal reason I believe in God, and I've been hesitant to say it in religious discussions in HoI, so anyone who reads it, that's another reason I believe in God (I would anyways). Feel free to PM me about it.

I can't think of any other scary happenings.

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I've had to fight a couple fires which has been interesting :P First one was a grass fire that got away on my dad and ripped up the side of a pine tree near our house. It flickered out and we zapped all the burning grass. Second was another brush fire that got away on my dad :P in a field that we owned and that one was getting awful close to the trees.....but we stopped it. Then we had a chimney fire earlier this year which was hairy to say the least, but again we killed it :P

So you can see I am not a big fan of open flame unless there is a high-pressure hose or a shovel nearby. To quote Desmond: only you can prevent forest/house fires! :(

In general though nothing really scary. These fires for more like huge adrenaline rushes rather than out-right fear ala Klaas. I've had my share of injuries, such as the time when our dog hit me while running in the head when I was lying on the ground. Got a nice 3-inch cut just above my right eye, about 1 mm from my eyeball. 8 stiches later I was in fine form and the scar is barely noticable. Even then it was just a matter of "this is what is happening...."

Those are my interesting stories

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