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Sheet Horror Stories

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Well last weekend my mom foolishly purchased new blue sheets for my bed without putting them in the washer first. Come Tuesday and I realize that I got a whole bunch of blue on myself. I'd thought taking a shower would help but it resurfaced again the next day. Only then did I finally realize it was caused by the bloody sheets.

Come today and I still struggle to get rid of all the blue on me. :)

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Ladies and Gentlemen, this is a true story from Matthew Osborne. Horrible and dramatic as it is, I say again, it is true.

Brothers and Sisters, I had a dream. I had a dream that I was feeling sick. I then woke up and vomited on the floor.

Brothers and Sisters, I had awaken. My Mother and Father came and helped me clean it up. Being late at night, I then crawled into bed, only to get stung by a hornet.

Brothers and Sisters, I end my story.

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I don't have any bloody pics. :) Even if I did, I'd never get around to even scanning them because only my dad has access to a scanner, and he's the laziest person on Earth. Never does anything on time and takes forever for him to even start something.......

*Goes into another rant aganist his own father* ;)

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