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Who is your role model?

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Huh, pretty many homeschoolers in here... I couldn't imagine being homeschooled, and I also don't want to imagine it. Nothing against you guys - I think you're pretty great people - but I would never want to miss meeting the other people and all the stuff going on at school. Seven years of time at the same school can make you feel somewhat connected to the place and the people - and it's still two more years to go for me :)

Well, I guess I do not have any kind of role model - after all, from my family, it could be only my parents, and from all people, it'd probably be some great people of the modern ages - like Bill Gates and Linus Torvalds (the archenemies, but they are both great people ;)) or some of the ES guys.

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I used to have a math tutor, who I still keep in touch with, who has a great approach to life.

I'd like to say my parents but I know them too well... I try to avoid their frailties because I have a feeling I'll have them too someday (if I don't have them already) - My dad being rather unsensitive and stubborn and my mom being a little on the hysterical side.

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