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My Vacation Pics

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Some of you may know that I went on vacation last week. I thought that I would share some pics. :)

We stayed in Mammoth, in the mountains as you will be able to see, in a cabin.

Here is a view of the mountains from our lake.


A friendly wild Black Bear walks around the cabins.


This is Obsidian Dome, it is all solid glass from a volcano. Lots of Pumas is there too.


More mountains from the lake side view.


A neat tree that I saw while on a long hike.


There used to be a lot of mining for gold here, and thsi is a old flywheel used to crush ore.


We visited a fish hatchery, where they raise fish.


One of the biggest mining towns was Bodie, here is a old car from there.


More of Bodie, that is a Stamp Mill where the crushed ore was processed with Arsenic to make the gold settle and collect it.


Mono Lake is well known for the Tufas, which stick out of the lake.


Mammoth Monument in the center of the Skiiing area.


This is Devil's Postpile, it is really amazing to see.


Another view from the top of Devil's Postpile. The blocks in the other pictures were once attached up at the top, but have fallen down.


Some guy going Fly Fishing in Lake Mary.


Here is another bear, having a nice snack in the morning at a nearby cabin.


A really neat cave that I found in a mountain while we hiked. It was flowing with really cold snow water, and I walked in about 20 feet on the rails on the ground.


And a final beautiful picture of the lake.


Well, those are some highlights in pictures of my vacation last week. Couldn't share all 368 pictures) :)

Have any questions about anything, just ask.

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