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When did you first hear of 'ElfTheHunter'?

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Hah, this should turn into the "elfthehunter profile thread" in which you say interesting stuff about yourself...

Then again, that would make the thread die...

JK :indifferent:

I saw your name on some (good, I think) scenarios for AoK and TC, and also as sort of the "second-in-command" over at TLA

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I think it was at Reverie, he was the self-proclaimed "Reverie Reporter" who followed us like a shadow so long ago. I think that would be my first experience. It was a pleasant one. :indifferent:

Micah Hymer

Reverie Entertainment, LLC


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TLA Forums :indifferent:

I could ask the same about Yiuel, and I think everyone except Akya would say "On this forum" or "on TLA forum", an I may have "on this thread" as well. Even Akya, I'm not sure I talked to her about Yiuel before I got on. Or, I'll ask it :nod:

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