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Games similar to Free Fire


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27 minutes ago, WillisSims said:

I've been playing Free Fire for 2 years, this is one of my favorite mobile games. I want to find more games similar to Free fire to diversify my interests. Please recommend to me some games you guys like. I will refer to them. thanks

Garena Free Fire?

Here are my recommendations:

1. Cyber Hunter. I love this game, it has futuristic graphics and an unique feature of using quantum cubes to buy things in Battle Royale mode. Furthermore it has not only battle royale but also team deathmatch and some other ways to play. My username: Yekaterina999. This supports mobile phone, Windows 10 and can run easily on Linux with wine. 

2. Rules of Survival (by NetEase). It is quite similar to Free Fire and PUBG but is free to play on mobile phones and windows 10. With some wine configurations it can also run quite well. 

3. Knives out. Runs on windows 10, I have never tried this game, it does not run well on Linux. 

4. Ring of Elysium. Never tried it, doesn't run on Linux. 

5. PUBG 

6. Creative Destruction (similar to fortnite)

7. Call of Duty mobile. It has a battle royale mode now. 

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