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Wich kind of sandwich do you prefer?

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As i'm munching and deleting my enormous ham-sandwich, i thought about a thread where anyone could post their tastes regarding sandwiches. If you want you can even send us your personal recipies, taking care of explaining what the ingredients are, please: since we all come from different countries we need to clarify this side of the matter.

Here is one of my preferred, it's good when you go out on the sea (it helps preventing seasick):

The mariner snack®


One slice of bread (the dryer, the better: a slice of french bread is in order for a moderate version)

A good slice of butter (or a few drops of oil, if you have extra virgin olive oil avaible)

Two or three anchovises (sp?) (the best one being those salted, second choice those under oil)


Extra virgin oil: it's the best quality of olive oil, it is obtained fron the first milling of olives, without heating.

Virgin oil is obtained by a second "cold milling" of the pressed olives.

Olive oil is usually the product of a third session of milling with heat applied to extract the most from the fruits (it's the worst kind of oil though).

I know that you are all Hobbits at heart: give us your preferences, tastes and recipies (yummm!) (y)

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Special Curu Traveller's™

Take a small chiapatta bread. Slice it in 2. Place slices of avocado, crispy home-baked bacon, thin pieces of lamb and bits of lettuce. Pour some drops of olive oil on top, ground pepper and rocky sea salt.

Place the whole in the oven, just to have it warm up ... and voila!

NB: Chiapatta is an Italian bread that you should easily find anywhere ...

Choose unclarified sea salt. it tastes a lot better!

If you have a waffle maker, you can place the sandwich in it, it will become crispy on top ...

Many thanks to the little Italian sandwich shop where I used to go when I worked in London. I will always miss their lovely accent and their low prices! (y)

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Ok, now get ready for

Elfy's Burgers (TM thing)

Ok, first you'll need burger patties, avaiable in every store. Preferable if not seasoned, maybe a requirement, I only use non-seasoned.

Now sprinkle Salt, Garlic Powder and Onion Powder on one side. The flip it over and put "Season-All" seasoning on the other (http://www.mccormick.com/productdetail.cfm?ID=6393). The exact quantities I don't know, it's mostly on a trial and error thing.

This must be done while it's still frozen. Then heat up your grill (gas or wood or whatever, but if there's smoke it will taste better) and grill them. Now add on your basic hambuger stuff, like tomatoes, lettuce, cheese (cheddar is my recommendation), pickles, mustard, ketchup and mayo. All in some hamburger bun, specific type doesn't matter.

Trust me, that's the best seasoning I've ever tasted and hopefully the best you've ever tasted (y)

*checks to see if there's frozen burger patties*

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proscutto with tomato and mayo.

make a grilled cheese like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hslqHUqCfPc&ab_channel=BoomerangOfficial but without the creepy wierd parts.

also add fried bacon in there.dont overcook the cheese u just wanna melt it otherwise u get salty chewy dry greasy cr@p

also use gouda or something like that instead of the cheese shown in the video.


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Philly cheesteak sandwich, this is a very american dish if you can't already tell XD. Theres a lot of division however: some people say no peppers, several different cheeses may be used, but most of the time the steak is shredded or thinly sliced ribeye.


To cook it, you first caramelize onions, grill the steak, (and peppers if you want). Then, depending on the cheese, you either add it to the final sandwich, or toss it into the steak and onions. The bun should be toasted on the grill too. Traditionally a "Hoagie" bun is used but really the better the bread the better the sandwich.

Don't worry about mayo, since this is already a one way trip to obesity.

Not a health foodmichaels-famous-philly-cheese-steak-sandwich.webp.d528b12be1882685065da65f0fbfe058.webp

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