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charging was hilarious


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This is the first time I tried a25 (RC3), a chill 1v1 with @alre, being on voice chat.

Nice boom, nice graphics, everything feeling smooth overall.

We decide to invade each others base and since it was a chill game we didn't consider defending home a priority. It ended up with me losing my army and him losing all the buildings and having no resources for building a new cc. I was feeling like I won an undeserved match, when he told "I think I should resign". I shouldn't have replied with a "btw I'm 80 pop now".

I didn't really understand the importance of forge upgrades in a25 and… of charging.

He just raided me from time to time, using charging for killing pretty much all my soldiers, while gathering from a dock all the resources he needed.

With charging it is impossible to escape when you are in inferiority. Your units will get caught and die if you can't garrison quickly (it is horrible when the opponent is on the voice chat saying "you can't escape, I'll kill them all" and then making some stupid noise with his mouth that he thinks is a "funny fast-forward sound"). Because of the anti-turtling changes (that are welcome, btw), there is nothing you can do to defend efficiently.

While there are probably some strategies that can prevent it (having all the units always near to each others, having some building where to garrison them always near…) the gameplay would have been heavily affected by this bug. Thanks for fixing @Stan` and @Angen!!

metadata.json commands.txt

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11 hours ago, Angen said:

probably should, but not as a bugged code :)

I don't know, it shifts the balance of the game towards attack, like crazy. A25 will have a very aggressive balance already.

If only there was some more strategical limitation to movement of some sort, archers wouldn't be so penalised... (I actually dream of movement penalties given by terrain)

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I feel it is a fun thing that has the potential to improve gameplay. But there are big problems with it that need to be addressed if we want to make the bug into a feature.

  1.  Adjust run speeds so that some things are not OP when charging for example: pikes
  2. Some way to allow charging when not in a formation and when the right-click attack command is used.


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3 minutes ago, Πτολεμαῖοι said:

Am I missing a charge tactic somewhere?

I need to know now.

*death horses*

lol. no.

charging was the fancy name of a bug.

It was introduced in the development version of the game a couple of months ago, and it came out some weeks ago. It just got fixed. The replay attached cannot be played with a release version of the game.

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I think that an option for making charging a balanced mechanic would be having people move with randomly different speeds (by a limited degree, not too variable).

I've been pushing this idea for some time. This would allow some kills when melee pursues fleeing units, but not all of them.

Btw I still think the game would be better without running.

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