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Help with modding units


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Okay, so I have been trying to mod in a new unit with a custom model, skeleton and animations into the game for a while. I have created the actor file in the mod directory and the subdirectories for the mesh and the skeleton but everytime I try to load the new unit in Atlas it outputs:


error: art/meshes/skeletal/argonian_militia.dae: Assertion not satisfied (line 393): failed requirement "recognized skeleton structure"

error: Could not load mesh 'art/meshes/skeletal/argonian_militia.dae'

error: CObjectEntry: :BuildVariation(): Model art/meshes/skeletal/argonian_militia.dae failed to load


I'm kinda clueless on what may be causing this. Can you help me out?


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3 hours ago, azayrahmad said:

Is this an Elder Scrolls mod?

The model itself is from an Elder Scrolls total conversion but I have no plan of actually releasing anything. I am just using that to practice modeling and animations in 0 A.D.

If and when I become good enough at modding I may actually try to release a fully fledged mod but I am still very, very far away from that point :P

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6 hours ago, Trinketos said:

Sounds like some bones are not define in the skeleton file or they are not written well.

I recommend to use this python script for generating the skeleton file:

It worked, thank you very much, Atlas imports the rigged mesh properly now.

I have also tried to bake and export the dae animations from Blender as suggested in the AnimationExportTutorial and while the animation loads, it looks completely deformed. Is it a problem with the scale of the mesh or is the baking process that's messed up?

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