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Biggest injury.

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Lets see...

Sprained my ankle trying to scare my brother

Busted a tooth (to which i've got a cap) while fooling with my brother

Bashed my left knee into a plow type thing while trying to charge some kid in airsoft

Bashed the same knee the very next week while playing airsoft

My knee's pretty scarred ;)

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I fractured my wrist when I slipped off a slippery tree branch and smacked my wrist against a thick plastic bucket. Ouch! ;)

Other than that, I've gotten a few other "minor" injuries, including a large scrape on my shoulder when I went flying off a large curb on my bike.

I'll give more details on that story since it's hilarious: My brother, my Dad and myself were riding around in a parking lot near our house for fun and exercise. There is a parking garage (in the bottom floor of a large building) next to the parking lot and the "entrance" ramp down into the parking garage has a progressively taller curb on both sides. Following me still? ;)

I was riding on the grass next to the parking garage entrance ramp, and I thought that the curb was really small (like normal curbs), so I went down it. To my surprise, it was 3 or 4 times taller than a normal curb and my bike flipped over, dumping me on the cement. Fortunately, I only got a scrape

I also had a very close call when bike riding once. We live on the top of a cul-de-sac, so you can ride in circles around our street. I was sort of racing my little sister on my new 10-speed bike, and put it into a very high gear. I didn't realize how fast I was going, and I was headed straight for our neighbor's large rock-and-cactus garden. YIKES!! I couldn't stop in time, so I just braced myself and crashed into it, expecting to become a human pincushion!!

Somehow, I landed BETWEEN two large cactus bushes (with huge spikes) and barely missed a bunch of other ones. My bike smashed into a large cactus plant and broke it in half. Somehow also, I didn't hit the rocks very hard.

I still can't explain how I didn't get any cuts, bruises, or scrapes from that situation. :D Methinks I was protected by an angel!

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lol, that is a great story. ;)

It was raining once and I was challenging my friend who could make the biggest skid mark on hte street. :D Well as I said it was raining, so I went really fast and was rading the bike with the left pedal touching the ground in a large circle, and it kinda slipped and I had a large scrape. But Ithink that I won the skid mark contest. ;)

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It was on October 27th, 1989 ... I will always remember that day ... it was a Sunday. It was during the autumn holidays. I was 11. I stayed at a friend's house since we were supposed to go fishing early on the Monday. We were having dinner, but we were bored so we left the table and went outside to play. We enjoyed when my friend had to go to the toilets ... I waited for him in front of the house. The toilets had a little window which opened to the front of the house, just where I was waiting. So, when he was finished, instead of coming back, he had the great idea of opening the little window and threw water at me ... I wanted to grab him, so I placed my hand through the little window. Alas! at the same moment, he was closing the window ... my hand crashed the glass, but my hand was not hurt. It is just after that I moved my hand back and the shards of glass literally cut my right-hand wrist ... all my tendons were cut, I was losing a lot of blood. However, oddly enough, it did not hurt. I went inside the house and I asked his mum if she had a little thing to place on my wrist. As soon as she saw the wound, she went white. She took the keys, did not talk and we got into the car ... I remember she was asking me all the way if I was fine ... and not to sleep!

Anyway, after that, I remember she asked me my mum's phone number and I can see myself at the ER, on a bed. Then, all I can remember is in the operating room, with the surgeon touching my hand.

I still have the scar now and I think it will remain there for the rest of my life. I still have little problems with it. My sensitivity is not as good, and my wrist hurts now and then according to the weather or when I use it too much.

The only good point is that October 27th is actually my wife's birthday ... when I hurt myself, she was probably celebrating :D It is a good way of remembering it to be honest ;)

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This is kind of Desmond's skidmark story. I used to live on a really big hill and on the bottom of the hill it "L" shaped and turns into another street. So, being the smart person that I am, I tried to see how fast I could go down the hill. The bad part is I was using my friends bike and he's brakes were pretty messed up. So I'm flying down hill wondering excactly how fast I am going. When I get about 3/4 down I start to try and use the brakes, but the bike won't slow down. So now I start to panic. As I was turning the bike turned on it's side and my leg was trapped under it (did I mention I was wearing shorts). So now the bike is sliding down the street on it's side with me under it. Luckily I was able to walk away with just a lot of cuts and bruises and legs.

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Last february i was skiing in Austria, the school had arranged a holiday-trip to get a mass-discount, it wasnt lections or anything. It was the last the day of the holiday-week and we were jumping with skiis in 2 jumps in a row. I jumped 2 times, didnt land right and crached but nothing seriously, just up and running again. Then i got it right 2 times, so i decided to try the second jump too on my next run. I went down, got a little too much speed but decided to try it anyway.

Was comes next i've been told by friends because i dont remember any of it. I got a forward-momentum so i landed with the tops of the skiis in the snow, so i flipped over and slammed half my face into the ice-hard snow. After about 10minutes a medic came along and just looked at me, then called in a helicopter. That took 45mins to arrive. They were asking me questions all the time to kepp me awake.

The next thing i remember is travelling on a hospital-bed quite fast, then black again.

A couple of hours later i wake up in a bed at another place with one of my teachers at a chair beside me telling me what has happened. All the skeleton on the right half of my face was basicly smashed into small pieces, but nothing else was broken. If i had had a helmet on i would have died because it would have flipped back up when i slammed my face into the snow and broken my neck.

One weird thing is, i never had any pain, at all. Guess the nervesystem shut down completly or something..

I stayed there for 10 days, then went home to Sweden by train, the doctors wouldnt allow me to fly because of something might happen.

I didnt have any feeling on one half of my face for about half a year but you cant see anything of it, the doctors were really good, i dont even have a scar. The memories came back one at a time, right after i could remember anything. Now i remember deciding for the second jump and then nothing.

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Let's see here, is there any other time that I hurt my self. Ahh, here's a good story.

My friend, Matt, has a bike track in his backyard (complete with jumps and lots of other cool stuff). Well, one set of jumps is right after a turn and right next to wall. Well, as a turned around the corner, I went for the jump. What I didn't realize is that I jumped it a little crooked. As I went off of the jump, I flew right into the wall. It was a pretty bad crash, but it didn't break any bones or require any medical attention.

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