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Hello people. Im a 19year old tolkien-liking swedish programmer...when i joined WFG i got a "personal" (you really should cut that part :( ) letter from some php-admin dude saying i should introduce myself here...well...done :lol:

currently trying to get ad_nefardec (sorry if misspelled) and the guys over at TLA to let me join ;)

Proverb of the last 32/45:ths of the week:

"Dont eat the cookies until you reach the forrest"

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*wonders who that php admin dude is* ;)

Must be a forum bug. :S


Heya 19year old swedish programmer who is branded.... ? ;) In which languages do you code and how many years experience do you have ? ;)

Welcome. :D (beer.gif

Alot of c++, a liiitlle bit of python (trying to embedd it into my app)

Im no expert...but i think i can handle myself pretty good :D


That was an anser to DarkAngelBGE ;)

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