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What is your life long dream?

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My life-long dream would be to become rich and powerful, while my brother is a bum. Then I can life at my superiority over him.

Oh, you love him at the bottom as i do with my brother(s).

Anyway, i have 2 "dreams", makeing a mod/game and to get the tele company to get their ***es in gear and build ADSL central where i live, so i dont have to have my SLOW connection :) !!

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However these days, i really don't have any dreams.

Well I still want to become it but it isn't very lickely, so I focus more on another job, when I've finished school I want to become an architect. Then get married, children, have a good life, and have a nice death (well I don't prefer to die, but once my time is there and then let it be nice, don't you think)

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