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What did you do over your spring break?

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Okay, fasten your seat belts ...

It all starts last Wednesday ...

Apr. 7 : woke up at 7am. drove for 350 km to get a friend of my wife's who arrived from Frankfurt (Germany). Arrived 10:50 am. Had our lunch by the Mediterranean, in a port ... then, drove back and passed near a medieval castle. We stopped ... dropped then in Toulouse (France) to be able to cheer the Queen of England who visited the place. arrived home at 8pm ... exhausted.

Apr. 8 : woke up at 9am. roamed around to let my wife's friend visit the nice places and monuments. spend the whole day here and there. Back at home at 7:30pm ... quite tired :P

Apr. 9 : woke up at 7am, left at 8am to a wonderful place, 150 km (100 miles) from my house. stayed there for the whole morning. Then, at 2pm, left to see cave paintings, 60 km away from there. beautiful but far. arrived home at 6:30 ... really exhausted.

Apr. 10 : woke up at 9:30am ... left to the mountains at 11am ... had our lunch in Auch (where D'Artagnan comes from ... remember the Three Musketeers) ... arrived at the mountains at 3pm. Had to rest, I was half-dead.

Apr. 11 : woke up at 6:30am ... Easter Day ! pilgrimage to Lourdes (in the Pyrenees) ... ;) spend the day in there. thousands and thousands of people there. snowy and slippery on the road ... a little scary at the top of the mountain pass ... arrived home at 8pm ... EXHAUSTED!!!!

Apr. 12 : a day in Spain. left at 10am ... arrived in Spain at 10:30am :P couldn't find a restaurant, all the Spaniards were eating at 12:30 !!! I thought they usually had their lunch at 2 or 3pm!!! anyway ... bought Oreo cookies, chocolate, Johnson soap and products, postcards, a T-shirt and drinks ... it was hot. Anyway, we got back to the appartment at 6:30pm ... not so tired :beer:

Apr. 13 : had to drive her back to the airport ... another 350km !!!!! and back home ... 350 km !!!!! her plane was at 11:30 ... has to be there 2 hours before ... so we had to leave at 6am!!!! had to wake up at 5am !!!! :D


Anyway, I am back now ... just few days before I am back to school ... I shall only rest :ph34r:

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For a few days I stayed home doing absolutely nothing. The I went of to our weekend house with my parents (if anybody is thinking that we're rich snobs, mpst people in the Czech Republic (at least the city people) have one and their usually pretty basic). There I did some stuff that needed to be done, rode my bike, drank beer etc. Then my parents left and my friends came to stay for the night ans we partied till 6am. Then we slept for 2-4 hours, cleared the place up and went home. Now I'm home and doing nothing again.

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