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Playing with different/more speeds?

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Would you think it possible to add another speed variable, slower than walking? I thought that thus, maybe units could be made slower when crossing e.g. swamps or deeper (not too deep) water. Or does there exist something like this already?

Maybe hurt units could then be moved at a slower speed, too, or units packed with berries, corn, other kind of food, stone, or metal (because of the weight) on their way to the CC, harbour, etc.

Would this have too many side effects on balance?

What do you think in general about speeds?

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I see that the idea might be too fancy without much need from the community or benefit for the game play. No worries from my side. This idea just came to me when I was looking closer at speeds and such. ;)

Would it make sense to slow down hurt units or animals? (again, I understand that the effort might not be worth it)

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Slowing down hurt soldiers has sometimes been proposed, that would have deep strategic gameplay implication and I'm quite usure about it, but we could try it, and see how it plays out.

Instead, I would love to see some terrains slow down armies. One obvious choise is marches like the ones in the map Rheine marshland, another one is when climbing up hills. This would add strategic depth to gameplay, but it indeed poses a new problem for the pathfinder.

Talking about the pathfinder, does anyone here know about the open source game BAR (beyond all reason)? It features acceleration of units, and elevation affecting units speed.

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