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A Wife is often visited by her lover, while her husband is at work. One day her 8 year old son is hiding in the adjacent closet - just to see what they are up to.

Suddenly the husband returns from work unannounced. Terrified the wife hides her lover in the closet as well ...

Son: It's dark in here!

Man: ... yeah ...

Son: I've got a football.

Man: Good for you!

Son: Do you wanna buy it?

Man: No thank you!

Son: My dad's outside ...

Man: Ok, how much ?

Son: 250 bucks!

A week later - the same scenario ... Son and the Man in the same closet.

Son: It's dark in here!

Man: ... yeah ...

Son: I've got soccer shoes.

Man: (remembers, sighs) ... how much?

Son: 500 bucks!

The next weekend the father wants to play soccer with his son ...

Son: Sorry Dad, i've sold all my soccer gear ...

Dad: What? How much ...

Son: 750 bucks!

Dad: Thats outrageous! You're cheating your friends. Thats many times more than what the stuff was worth! You'll instantly go to church and repent your sins!

Father takes his Son to church - puts him into the confessional and shuts the door ...

Son: It's dark in here!

Priest: Stop that bullsh** !!!

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