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Audio Design 5 - Voice List

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Can we get someone to verify those translations?

What sort of person should verify? Another person who knows Sanskrit very well? And should he post here verifying my translation or send it in some other way? I have friends proficient in the language and can get one of them to verify and correct minor errors (if any) in the translations...

Then, I will begin recording.

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I'm interested in helping out with Celtic voices. Welsh and Breton could be used for Britons and Gauls respectively, but it would be better to try for reconstructions of Brythonic and Gaulish. Some things are obvious, such as Celts not tending to say 'yes' or 'no' specifically, so it would be better to use a phrase like 'I will' or 'very good' instead. I'll see if I can come up with some suggestions following the voice list.

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Hi there,

Do you still need the Sanskrit recordings? I read previously someone was already working on it but if for some reason he could not make it I know a person native from North India who can read and speak sanskrit. He would certainly appreciate to give his voice to the game.

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Hey, guys. I contributed to the audio voice list for Ancient Greek a while back (not sure how long ago exactly), but never finished the job. You can tell where I left off; that's where the list reverts to just English and Greek in transliteration with accents marked by graves. Here's the remainder of the phrases, with transliteration and IPA. I used the Liddell and Scott lexicon of Ancient Greek (http://www.tlg.uci.edu/lsj/) to search for the best word in each case. I've significantly expanded the number of the phrases in cases where the Ancient Greek seems to have unit-specific words. If the game engine doesn't allow for this specificity (I don't know anything about programming myself), I can try to merge some of the phrases, like making the attack phrases be the same for all units.

I will repair — ἐπισκευάσω — episkeuā´sō — [episkeu̯ǎːsoː]I will heal or repair — ἀκοῦμαι — akoûmai — [akûːmai̯] (or ἀκέσομαι?)I will heal — ἰάσομαι — iā´somai — [iǎːsomai̯]I will hunt — θηράσω — thērā´sō — [tʰeːrǎːsoː]I will go — εἶμι — eîmi — [îːmi]I will go into (a building; see below for entering a ship) — εἴσειμι — eíseimi — [ǐːsiːmi]I will fight (of any unit) — μαχοῦμαι — makhoûmai — [makʰûːmai̯] (or μαχήσομαι or μαχέσομαι?)I will ride (of mounted units) or steer (of ships) — ἐλῶ — elô — [elôː] (or ἐλάσω?)I will ride against (attack of mounted units) or attack (of ships) — ἀντελῶ — antelô — [antelôː]I will go out (marching of land units) — ἔξειμι — ékseimi — [éksiːmi]I will step up or go on board (of land units entering a ship) — ἀναβήσομαι — anabḗsomai — [anaběːsomai̯]I will step off or disembark (of land units exiting a ship) — ἀποβήσομαι — apobḗsomai — [apoběːsomai̯]I will go against (attack of land units) — ἔπειμι — épeimi — [épiːmi]I will go back (retreat of land units) — ἄπειμι — ápeimi — [ápiːmi]I will sail (of any ship) — πλεύσομαι — pleúsomai — [pleǔ̯somai̯]I will be led or go against (attack of warship) — ἀντανάξομαι — antanáksomai — [antanáksomai̯]I will sail against (attack of warship) — ἐπιπλεύσομαι — epipleúsomai — [epipleǔ̯somai̯]
Let me know if this list will work as a replacement and addition to the current audio voice list, and if there are any changes or additions to make. Also, any questions regarding the words I chose are welcome.

I also need to give some instruction to the person who's going to record these phrases, but that's for the other thread.

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Hello Erutuon and thanks for this work! I will study this proposal with the help of my books when I have time (i.e. after A17 release).

I hadn't checked the ancient translations before recording them but we have, indeed, some of them I can't find in my dictionary, so they are either wrong either uncommon and we should update them (σιαχνω is a good example).

Thanks for working on this!

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Excellent. I will appreciate some further checking when you do it, because even looking back at my work now, I can see some possible errors.

And there is one question that I am not sure about: since I assume the language of the phrases should be in the Koine period, whether some of the future tense forms should be like Attic with contractions, or like Ionic with an s marker (for example, μαχοῦμαι or μαχέσομαι or μαχήσομαι; ἀκοῦμαι or ἀκέσομαι). If you can find any information regarding that, it would be helpful. It seems that my Greek grammar (written by Smyth) doesn't have much information on post-Classical Greek.

There's also the question of whether a future marked by -ασ- should have a long or a short α. It seems that it varies depending on the present-tense form, but I am not sure.

These are rather small questions, but it would add to the accuracy of the game to get them right.

I'll probably do some work revising my list over the next few weeks.

Edit: Further possibilities are to find dialectal forms for the different Greek civilizations. Based on the distribution map on Wikimedia, viewable from the page on Ancient Greek dialects, The Athenians are in the Attic dialect region, Macedonians are near the Ionic area, and the Spartans are in the Doric region. There are some fairly simple dialectal differences, like long alpha changing to long eta in Ionic, and contraction in Attic, and tt for ss in Attic. We can try to follow those correctly, and look for dialect-specific forms in lexicons, if we want to show dialectal differences.

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@Spahbod : Oh, cool, so you can translate the needed words in Ancient Persian ? Feel free to do, and when done, we can talk about a recording of the voice.

@aaronlockhart : Welcome to 0 A.D.'s forum ! Thanks for your offer on the Dacian language. I'm not sure to understand... Is Dacian the language used in the game ? I just know it as "ancient greek" :)

Well, why not correct it as you suggest. Anyway, what we are most looking for in term of languages now are those of the other civilisations that I listed here.

To say short :

-Mauryans : Sanskrit or Prakrit

-Celts : Welsh

-Carthaginians : Hebrew

-Persians : Farsi or Ancient Persian

-Iberians : Basque

-Romans : Latin

Carthaginians should speak more of an archaic Hebrew, more... Phoenician biased.

Kabilye can be also considered as an option, but better Punic(Phoe).

such as in Civ 5:



Shalam - Hello

Pkuda? - Order?(I'm pretty sure that this is how they said it, because in Hebrew and Phoenician the root is P.K.D)

Kh'en? - yes?(like "ken(with kaf)" in Hebrew, but sounds more like the 'ch' in German as "Umglaublich")

Anuk Halak - I'm going

Anuk E'Paal Zan - I'll do it

Tam - done

Tov - good, alright

Binne - builder

Grar - sawyer, woodworker

Zoreaa - farmer(because Farm is Mizraa)[aa stands for the letter ayin]

Kore - miner(burrowed from Hebrew)

Ish Noon - Lit.:"Man of fish"(I dont know... in Hebrew its dayag and in Arabic is sayyadu samak(fish hunter))

Osef Akal - Food gatherer


Liqtol! - (to) Kill!

Litqof! - (to) Attack!

Beshem Tunit! - In the name of Tanit!

Puq Zmankem! - You're time is out!

(Ranged special)

Esh! - Fire!

Rafe Hotsim! - Release the arrows!

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I guess that actually adding the Latin voices (coupled with an announcement) might actually raise interest in this field and help us find more voice actors/translators for other languages.

This should be discussed with Pureon, and if it is agreed, I'd like to try to address some concerns raised by Erutuon here before. I should have plenty of time in January to work on it.

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