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Back In The Day

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When I was younger, as I when into creating things (I still am, but my creations were more varied back then).

I made up my own language- only had 500 or so words though.

I built legos ALL the time and even won some lego contests.

Attempted to write my own fantasy story, and got a good 25 pages single spaced into it.

I even tried writing some violin music, and writing music has become my biggest hobby right now. I had all kinds of interests- I remember I made a model of the ship "HMS Victory" (that was Nelson's flagship at Trafalgar) out of a styrofoam hull, spray painted. The masts were dowels and the rigging was strings. The ratlines were made with a special little tool I used to tie bunches and bunches of knots. I still have it, it's pretty cool. Oh yeah it has a cardboard deck and even little lifeboats too, and cannons made out of thin dowels.

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